Arrse Scooter and Northern Soul Club

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Kromeriz, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Any interest in creating a Club based around Northern Soul and Scootering - other genres welcome to join, the common denominator being that you have an interest in scootering.

    If so
    Could anyone design a patch?
    Cash to H4H after expenses


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  2. Now then Now then, Now then

    Don.t be shy
  3. Could it tag on the camping club as we have a few northern soul/scooter enthusiasts.
  4. Why not?

    I am just thinking Arrse Patch, pay the expenses, proceeds to H4Hs, and IF we can finally organise a Northern Soul do Someday (The Tempests), ditto.

    Have to say that being in the Czech Republic, it would need someone over in the UK to be the Responsible person in terms of handling funds etc.

    Question still stands.

    Who is interested in joining the Arrse Scooter and Northern Soul Club - Lambretta owners can apply once they have finished pushing their lump...
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  5. Can I join?

    Stuff your poofy mirrors and spotlights and union jacks.

    Mine's an authentic eyetalian state of the art in original condition..... never raced or rallied, new boots and candles, factory finished paintwork.

  6. How much are you willing to put up for a Patch?

    Not that I have any clue how much a patch costs

  7. scooter rally patches | eBay
  8. Follow the link... don.t you know that I am running an international business... tut tut

  9. :???: It's just a guide to prices for sale, haven't a clue about manufacturing costs.
  10. OK. took me to the main Choose Page. Will investigate tomorrow. Do you think there is any mileage in an Arrse Badge?
  11. Don't see why not, there's scooterists, NS fans and both scooterists and NS fans on here, You don't have to be a scooterist to appreciate NS and vice versa.
  12. I don't own a scooter. But I don't mind northern soul......even if the dance moves are ******* ridiculous.

    Can I join?

  13. I suppose you have to avoid the splits and double back- flips with a big ring through your bell- end.... only asking?
  14. I'm not allowed to own a scooter, so says the wife, but the idea of a Northern Soul Club, yeah baby!
  15. I had this knocked up a few years back as a scooter patch/T-shirt how about it for the patch

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