ARRSE Rugby World Cup 2007 League:- Update

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Praetorian, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Its all to play for in the ARRSE RWC2007 fantasy league guys, here are the scores on the doors!

    1 Botty 583
    2 Praetorian 482
    3 Cuddles 465
    4 The Matelot 451
    5 Dozy Bint 443
    6 THE IRON 443

    Botty is winning by a long way, and can probably claim the Gold now. With one match to play, the Silver is up for grabs.

    As long as I beat the Matelot, im happy!
  2. 3rd place is Cuddles - Pies is languishing w a y down the table! :D
  3. Duly edited.

    As I said again, as long as I beat the matelot!
  4. I've given up on it. No transfers left :-(

    And someone needs to brighten up the bottom of the board!
  5. With one match to go:

    1 botfeckid 617
    2 DozyBint 497
    3 Praetorian 490
    4 Cuddles 487
    5 THE_IRON 465

    Botty's got it in the bag, but will the_matelot come back with a flourish to beat Prae?!
  6. Im happy with 4th, just glad that I beat the_matelot!
  7. I couldnt log in today what was the final outcome. its a shame I missed out on the first round because I logged on too late or I could of pushed for a top three finish.
    Ill concentrate on the ARRSE fantasy football now Im in second place and need to go away again on exercise (thats when I get most my points as I dont tinker with my team)
  8. Here you go!

    1 Botty 671
    2 Old Virtualians 551
    3 Bint's Bruisers 545
    4 Praetorian 542
    5 THE_IRON 509
    6 Matelot's Marauders 483
    7 Explosive Sympathy 443
    8 Birdys' Bunglers 438
    9 Random Roughers 425
    10 Arma Pacis Fulcras 418
    11 New Colonials 407
    12 Mrs Miggins First XV 391
    13 Flowers' fellas 369
    14 The Power & The Glory 319
    15 Big Timing B@stards 275
  9. Cheers Dozy, I see your hanging onto my shirt tails at the moment in the ARRSE football, your dropping a few places at the mo with players injured and no subs playing. I wish these premiership would infom us in advance of their rotation systems. :roll:
  10. Oooooooooooops, I forgot to look in on that one, what with a proper men with ball tournament being played! :oops:
  11. I would just like to thank Brian Ashton for his advice, without it the Old Virtualians would never have recovered from their frankly poor first round performance to stagger in second. I would also like to applaud Botty for a fine victory and to say yah-booh-sucks to The Matelot and Dozy.

    Still if you pick a team full of sub-Brian O'Driscoll mutants, that's what you get. I'm now going away on my holidays to Flanders, where I intend to do some military tourism and a bit of celebratory drinking. Eye thang-yow!
  12. I beat the_matelot. I am content.
  13. DOH!!! If had bothered joining the ARRSE league I would have won it (with over 800 points.)

    I know its just for fun but I am still gutted.
  14. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I missed the first round which was a pain...but even worse I totally forgot that there was the Bronze place play off so dumped all my Argie players for English ones....I should have dumped the NZ or Aus ones.

    Anyway good they do the same for the 6 Nations?

  15. They do indeed! See you in a few months when I shall beat the Matelot. Again.