ARRSE Rugby Shirts

As seen in the Gallery

Long sleeved:

Short sleeved (printed) collarless:

As worn on the London crawl:

I am getting these made up at an Ayrshire Manufacturer (Peveril's) who make Rugby Shirts for many major and National teams. They are both absolutely top quality and hence carry a premium in price.

Cost to me is Long Sleeved £37 PLUS VAT = £43.48 Short Sleeved £30 PLUS VAT = £35.25

I propose to charge £50 for the long sleeved and £42.50 for the short sleeved which will allow me to more or less cover postage costs and make a £5 donation per shirt to ARRSE by way of a "licensing fee".

I have no interest whatsoever in making any profit for myself nor will I. If either GoodCO or BadCO want the agent's contact details to confirm prices I am more than happy to provide.

What I need at this stage is an indication of who would be interested (at those prices) in buying either or both because I might be able to chip them down in price a bit if there was enough interest.

I'd be interested in a short-sleeve one. My bingo wings need periodic airing. The Tankie would probably want the short-sleeve as well.
Long Sleeve for me please.


Abacus, Add a short sleeve extra fat g*t one to your list for me please. :) :)


Long-sleeved please and is there a discount for kids sizes (no really) :D
long sleeved for me

btw where is that pint you promised me ? :)
I will take one of those little badgers.

My e-mail address is

I may or may not have made that up.

One for me please... casue I am sad...

Guess I will have a long sleeve Extra Large please..

I'll have ashort sleeved one but only if you manage to get the pink quarters more offensive please
Abacus, I've just been told that in real life the pink material used is not offensive enough. Any chance of getting a real eye-bleeding ARRSE pink?
Possibly - we would all need to take a chance though on what it would look like because they charge in full for each sample made up.

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