ARRSE recruitment within the RLC

I offer a challenge to all members of the RLC forum to recruit at least five new members to ARRSE by April this year.

How you do it is up to you, but I'd expect you to adhere to site rules and not to tarnish the sites reputation.

Thank you.

Do you not think that the standard of Arrse user will drop, unless of course a proper vetting procedure is in place, afetr all you wouldn't want your forum to end up like the scaley one, filled with whinging sprogs complaining about training regiment?

These work very well Melchy if you print over "the bit they tried to ban" with wording to the effect of "The Army's Unofficial Forum for Chat and Information"

Do I get a special prize for having more than 5 members of the one Sqn in Chat at a time?

On subject of not tarnishing the site's reputation, glad to see the MODs spending more time in Chat - always nice to have a bit of "top cover" and well worth hanging onto the new recruits we get :D
Cheers abacus. I've been leaving those in strategic places for a while now. ;)

No special prizes, just the satisfaction of a job well done.


Maybe thats where all the pie eaters can go, no ginsters without a sign up!
Can't help thinking it would help recruiting/publicity if an arrse ironing-board cover were on the RMAS kit-list.
So have any of you actually recruited anyone?
I was recruited and have since recruited 2 more and a few still thinkin about it. Indeed I think we have the best recruited Sqn from the entire Army in ARRSE. Plus with three very good regulars to arrse I think thats not bad. Does that count?
Dont wory your pretty wee head Abs. I will roll over radion B or whatever his name is with my awesome steel wheels. Besides how hard can it be? Anybody that has a 1 metre whip and doesnt use it for teasing the fairer sex must be a pushover. Whats he ever pulled apart his back with weight of those old machines?
shouldnt be hard recruiting the AT trade in to joining as they are easily found sweating over the tenth sausage buttie and its not even naafi break...start switching on all you AT'S you ARE a joke to the RLC ......get to the gym oops sorry...dont start sweating, i only mentioned the gym
Somebody’s certainly been pressing the flesh, as it seems that there are a lot more new members at the moment and some of them aren’t even ATs! Also it seems that a few closet Loggies have left which ever forums they normally sit on and joined debates on the Corps board, which possibly alludes to the fact that the threads are getting more cerebral. I think the next big milestone is when a Pioneer joins up!
chunky said:
"I think the next big milestone is when a Pioneer joins up!"


Bloody hell - taken your lappy with you while you stag on at the gate?

Assuming of course you can afford one on a Chunks pay?
I think they do.

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