ARRSE Recruiting - A success story!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by floppyjocky, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. I've noticed that ARRSE has had a sudden influx of new members, a leap of about 2000 in less than two weeks with 106 new members only yesterday.

    Can whoever is responsible for this please phone ATRA straight away and give them a clue how you did it as they are desperately short of ideas.


    PS. I am aware that the recent "exposure" of BCO probably had something to do with it. Although what effect a 94 year old latex clad transvestite could have on recruiting is beyond me (unless you are from the clan MDN).
  2. Well done to GCO & BCO but it'd still be good to see some of the lurker visitors join, come on in we don't bite.... well most of the time!
  3. Sorry but I really thought I ought to mention that.
  4. But how many are jurno scum after a cheap story?
  5. Not me. I'm just plain scum but also after a cheap story.

    Even if I have to write it myself.

    Unlike most of the journos.
  6. OK, my mistake. looks like the new members daily rate is stuck on 106 and keeps on adding to the total. It'll look good to the sponsors though so keep it up!
  7. I wonder what effect ARRSE has on recruitment to the armed forces though. A great number of threads deal with how to go about joinng up. Would these people join up without the encouragement and advice they get here?
  8. in da armee isit true u get too shoot gunz and stuff sounds wicked l8rz

    ahem, well hello there.
  9. Please come back when you have learnt to spell properly!!

  10. I know of 2 people ( and 1 old ba$tard wanting to rejoin ) that have stepped through the recruting office door having seen this site . In a way it can give a bit of insight with out the MOD's glossy site , as for me , well they still chuck me back out !

  11. msr

    msr LE

  12. well, come on, they say first impressions are everything.

    About recruiting for real, Im sure its easy for people wanting to join to ask questions about life in the forces here. Without the 'hassle' of going to a recruiting office being scared of looking like a twat or whatever.
    Easier to do it from behind a computer, and learn potential mistakes and tips early, example my post above.(was takin pis)
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. How true add to that

    "awrite mate ow many ppl ave yow killed"
    "wots it like in the armee,can i tek me gun 'ome"

    etc etc
  15. I'm not that old and I haven't stepped through the door yet! Well OK I am that old and I've stepped through it in my own mind which is the first step after all :D