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Following on from Flash's excellent suggestion about having an ARRSE Reunited at the RASS this year, we believe that we may need to have a badge. Any ideas? Perhaps one of our female members could provide a prize for the winning idea??
Alternatively we could identify each other by the carriage of a strange object or the wearing of a strange item of clothing. Maybe someone from the Cav could help us in this area?
Sounds like a fine idea, Tara.
You can just imagine an 'O'group in the future or a Bde meeting, ARRsers will stick out a mile looking for that obscure badge or in the Cavs case, high heels and birth certificate declaring sister and mother are differant people. Or, may I suggest in your case, when I'm getting my collar felt, looking for the 'funny handshake'!
Stained_, sounds like a good secondary recce feature but it might confuse us with RHQ elements who tend to shout inate random profanaties on a regular basis due to their inability to compose logical powers of reasoning and thought. Would you like the life support for a moustache to be a part of our crowd (AKA Mr Bean, AAKA DW)?

Can I get Terets Syndrome from the med centre?
A funny handshake is always better than limp one but nowhere near as nice as a golden one. That goes for showers too.............aww shi t wrong site same user name!
Spit it out flash what are you trying to say old boy!

Was considering doing "marketing salty mouth wash" (cures all evils) for my resettlement.
Good idea lads, but at this very moment in time, i cant think of anything but i'm sure that by tonight, some sort of Devilish idea would've popped up in my head!

::) ::)
Let's just all rock up with nothing but our underwear on back to front.. on our heads!  
But only if I get to put your underwear on my head!  ;D
What about the seat cut out of your trousers?
Tell you what, why don't we just turn up with the word ARRSE drawn on our foreheads!  Seems the easiest and least demanding in all cases ???
What about.......erm..........yep, these would work! :

All ARRSE people have to crawl everywhere. When stationary, we have to sit on the ground cross-legged?

Hit someone on the way in and meet up at the RMP post once arrested?

Only trying to help :'(
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