Arrse Readers Wives.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lairdx, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. Come on then. I've posted a piccie of Mrs Lairdx in the Gallary. Your turn.

    Real wive's only. No photographs of some sexy centrefold or Connie Booth.
  2. She looks bored on every picture. Is that your fault???
  3. Does she know youve done it? or is she likely to slap your nuts on the kitchen table and smack them repeatedly with a camping mallet till you take them off

  4. Why does she look like a man. Is that really you dressed up you bleedin tranny

  5. Well spotted Ozgerbobble - you just described what Mrs M would do to me if she found her pics on here. Except yours was the under 18 certificate version, x rated version would be excruciatingly painful - for me anyway.
  6. Mrs Lairdx is fully aware of the photos. Now quit stalling and show us your missussus.
  7. If it is, he could just be in with a chance................
  8. Any chance of a piccy of her tat, Lairdx?
  9. Ask her. She is now using the site I believe.
  10. Declare yourself Mrs Laird - consider yourself dared.

  11. She has an East European look. Am I correct?
  12. No shes a Yank, Gunny
  13. I was close.
  14. She will be working during the day - As in fact so should I.
  15. Which street does she work :lol: :wink: