Arrse Radio? Thoughts and volunteers please...

What do we think of an official ARRSE online music station (that contributes to the site money wise)?

Call me Mr Keen, but I've costed out the license fees and for about £450 a year you have enough rights to stream to a constant 15 users for 8 hours a day with about 8 tracks an hour. Or if you dobule the users and halve the time you have an evening service - and that assumes that all the music needs a license, and you fill the shows with licensed music! Not all are required.

Server costs would be another £500 a year - but I'm willing to donate a server of my own for a while, as it's a monster with too much time on it's hands.

All told, I'm sure £80 a month could be raised in adverts and a donation pot to break even.

I've had a good experience with a previous online station, and if you have a good crowd of regulars, some of who join in the chat channel, it can be pretty good.

If you would be willing to spend some time volunteering as a presenter in these early days, drop me a PM

Edited for mong spelling, (and to split the idea to get round the double post rules :D )
See here for more up to date thinking.

I would roll the service out targeting users of the 3 service rumour sites. Wether they would be tied in with either of them is still up in the air.

Perhaps it would be it's own independent entity that was advertised on the 3 sites (which means more revenue for the sites) and any profit given to the RBL or some such? It could even be established as a registered charity.

Feedback would be most welcome!

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