Arrse Publicity

I have been specially selected from a cast of liderally thousands to attend the Soccer AM All Sports Show this Fri, (6PM Sky Sports 1) And will be decked out in my ARRSE Blue T shirt. I will of course endeavour to not bring this fine establishment into disrepute and will make sure that I have a shave etc before attending. Arrse publicity!
I shall start preparing a banner immediately
TA_sig said:
Well be sure to delete any incriminating posts and get a new callsign... Unless everyone already knows who you are..
Not really necessary. He could preserve his anonymity by wearing a bag on his head.

This would also save the viewing British public form a particularly harrowing TV experience......

Just a thought.
Another fair point, well presented as ever Signor Domenica.

Edited to change SS's gender in Italian
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