Arrse Pro Celebrity Boxing?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. I dont know if this could be jacked up or not, how about organising a Arrse Pro Celebrity boxing night? All proceeds to H4H/ RBL?

    Imagine the fight card:
    Snail V whoever is brave enough
    MDN V AA

    the possibilities are endless!

    Sandy could be the Ref, I doubt if anyone would be mental enough to get in the ring with him anyway!

    Could it be done?
  2. I think it could be done. There have to be rules though.

    If you want to have a bare-fist-knuckle fight with someone - IN REAL LIFE - you have to offer them out.* If they decline your very fine offer, they have to pay a tenner to RBL. If they turn up and you have a massive fight, blood, guts etc. etc. the winner buys the beers all night for the loser and whoever cheered them on and the loser pays a tenner to RBL.

    ARRSE/Internet fights do not count.

    I shall enquire if Sandy The Guv is free to judge. If I am taking a right fucking beating, he will interject and destroy the person who is making me bleed.

    Any takers?

    *Offer out: From the Slugpedia: To call someone's pint a puff; to ask them if their head is on upside down; to call their bird fat; to wee on their shoes in the urinals deliberately; to ask "did you pay for that fat lass"; to steal someone's taxi; to ask them if them have washed in the last six weeks.
  3. I'll take you on, Kenny style!
  4. Apparently I am in trouble:

    I'd rather prefer that she paid to do it.

    Punch my lights out - have a word. :roll:
  5. I hereby formally challenge Biscuits_AB to Trial by Combat - and may God defend the Right! :D

    Seriously, I'd prefer an MMA match, but if it's got to be a Boxing match, fair enough. 8)

    I've got holidays booked for Febuary, which gives both of us time to train.

    Over to you, AB... :twisted:
  6. How about Jarrod versus Squiddly.... :D

    I'll take on Jimbo Shortty Pants - we're of an age (nearly) and have crossed swords before.**

    The gauntlet is down Baron!!!!

    ** edited to add; not in a hermer way!!!
  7. OOooo sounds good :D
  8. Never mind boxing. Just turn up for a square go. I've answered your post on the other thread. Never mind referees/secomds/witnesses either. Just tip up down here when your ready. Take the rest to PM big lad.
  9. Depending on when its going to be (would have to be march at the earliest for holidays) id be up for that!! MMA or boxing but Id preffer MMA.

    £100 in the pot from me.
  10. Whilst this is meant to have a celebrity element to it, could we get certain females into it in the following forms:

    Fit lasses: naked wrestling in jelly

    Cunningly uglies: fully clothed (full-on, Burqa-style) and beating each other with baseball bats. The resulting actions might actually lead to them becoming good-looking!
  11. Are we allowed to kill people?
  12. I'm sure Werewolf and Biscuits_AB will let us know when we need to.

    Not sure of the legal implications, if any to ARRSE, and before everyone circles around like a school fight - leave them to PM the details.

    To be honest from what we've all seen on the threads it's a private matter between them and can't be sanctioned by the MODS.

    Dunno the danger to ARRSE if this gets out.

    Remember it's between them two - so sssshhh FFS!!!

    As for keeping a book OMFG....
  13. Sounds good, I only put boxing in the title because i thought it might generate more interest, but if its MMA then crack on!

    Maybe its gonna be like "Any which way but loose"
  14. No No No!!!

    That's just wrong...

    No-one mentioned bringing an Orangutan FFS!!!
  15. Oooh oooh me sir...can I fight Private (Retired) Mike Golden?