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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cpunk, May 31, 2007.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    No Walts. This is the bastard ginger step-child of Arrse, set up by Good CO, primarily aimed at the serving community but open to all. The aim of the site is amusing banter, gags and mutual back-slapping, the way the Arrse Naafi Bar used to be before Arrse expanded to its present gargantuan proportions.

    How will it be different to Arrse? The moderation policy will be robust: trolls, walts, bores and twats can expect to be pursued to the ends of the earth by the vengeful moderators.

    Come over and register (you can use a different log-in to Arrse), read the rules and join in.
  2. *bump*
  3. Can I join? I don't want to join if I'm not wanted by you all because I don't know whether you all see me as a walt/troll etc
  4. Just submitted my registration, looking forward to posting like it used to be.

  5. Everyone can join, serving ex or interested, if you act bone then you'll be told so.
  6. Cheers, joined.
  7. I guess that we just ignore this bit then

  8. Could this be the end of ARRSE? Or is this trying to form a private club for 'special' ones?
    Why not have a more robust policy on ARRSE for starters?
  9. Signing up as I like e-mails when topics have been replied to, but think I'll keep my boring, goat-noshing, civvy, soap-dodging head down!
  10. good saves me culling everything you crayon all over
  11. That's me there...
  12. bump? (it's late)
  13. 100 members!