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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by abacus, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Yes - I already have and will again

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  2. Yes - I haven't yet but can't wait to do so

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  3. No

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  1. Obviously, I haven't posted the link as you would need to log into ArmyNet first, but the above is on the ArmyNet Home Page.

    COs: Any chance of something similar for ARRSE?

    Everyone else: If they were available on ARRSE, would you be willing to print them off and display them in a public place? If so, where?
  2. Abacus - do you get out much? ;)

    Lets go the whole hog and all turn up to work in sandwich boards screaming 'Arrse, arrse....join my arrse!'
  3. Moodybitch wrote:

    I would join your arrse Moody, but then I would need a map and compass to find my way back out again :lol:
  4. Abacus, this poster, available in the Gallery, is what I tend to use (and I hope there aren't any copyright issues!)

    I print most off in b/w and then laminate them for long-term durability. I mostly put them up around Tidworth, Bulford, Netheravon (which earned me a telling off) and I have heard that there is one of my creations in the CFB Officers' Mess in BATUS! :D
  5. Good going Abacus! We should all be posting ARRSE posters and inviting new blood, views, and, of course, capital to the site!!! :lol:

    I have a nice ARRSE Mr Potatohead near my desk in the office and, as a prank, sent one of the juniors to post them, using double sided sticky tape, in the nice new main building across the road after the painters had finished. :twisted: she was a temp, wonder what happened to her? :roll:

    Beebs ;)
  6. Gosh I hope that's an invitation :wink:

    ARRSE is, in point of fact, my only vice - fills in the moments between meetings and branch visits during the week, gives me something to talk about at weekends.

    Love the sandwich board idea - could we get a double-sized one and go out together? :p

    And I will too, many thanks.

    I can use my new ARRSE mug when I get my interview without coffee.

  7. She came to us - I sent her to see if she could get a long stand from one of my managers. :twisted: