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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gremlin, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    OK folks, I am looking for a bit of feed back here!

    This is posted in here to run along the same lines as The Begging Bowl etc, so please play nicely (ish)!

    We are intending to offer a run of 2008 ARRSE Polo shirts very similar to those done for Op Nimby, with the aim of raising £10 per shirt for the Help Them Out campaign.

    Colours available are:

    Bottle Green
    Light Blue
    Navy Blue

    Also a T Shirt option in green and sandy.

    and the motives available will be as follows:



    And the new wording will be

    above logo:

    Below logo:

    There will also be the opportunity for usernames on the sleeve hopefully.

    Costs will be roughly £27 for the Polo Shirt and £17 for the T shirt (inc P&P)

    Delivery time is normally 4 weeks an ordering will be from an online shop so anonymity is preserved

    To make this worthwhile I will need an interest of at least 100 shirts so if you are interested say so on here and I will aim to kick things off in a couple of weeks!

    Update, sorry about the delay!

    The proof copy should be ready on Monday or Tuesday, the shirts should then be on sale a day or two later.

  2. I'm in. Navy blue please oh gremmers! S/M
  3. Mark me down for one!
  4. im interested in a t-shirt, green, what sizes
  5. Bigbird wants one too.

    (Psst, I am in London tomorrow and Sunday to see Beebs and marching boys - get the Missis to call me.
  6. I presume that you're thinking the same supplier as last time Grem.

    If so, they were excellent - mark me down for a couple.

  7. Count me in Gremmers for a Polo Shirt.

  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    Put me down for a Polo Shirt.
  9. I'll have one, Navy Blue-M.
  10. I'll pay for bells' if you print " I Love Dale" on the sleeve.
  11. I want at least two polo shirts , navy blue and XL :O)
  12. I'll go for a Large polo shirt,

  13. i'm interested in 2 polo shirts and 2 t-shirts!
  14. Stick me down for 1.

    Navy Blue - Large

  15. Cos u is fat innit?

    Mate I'd go for XL if I was you.

    Gremmers, shitelips needs one too, do you do them in ginger puff sizes?

    Mrs B xxx