ARRSE Political Party


Already done


Or this

The last lot. Marge Simpsons Own?
That is certainly extra on the invoice - - I am starting to thnk you might be an excellent contender for the Exchequer
I would like Deanol to **** a long distance off with his pale churchy crap frankly. He's proposing barely a flutter over who runs the tombola at the parish fete.

If we are going to politicise religion I want bells, smells, dolls, an inquisition and proper finger pointing. Or witches. Witches get better jewellery, everyone gets a tacky velvet robe with a pointy hood and coloured candles. And none of this tiktok kitchen-witchery: there have to goats and blazing torches.

Or at the least, cake and a Sunday lie in.

edit: because it may be a turd but I am rubbing the glitter on as hard as I may
I'd personally like to sack a monastery.
You really are Arrse's very own Titian Pocket Witcher! I think that dumps you squarely with a Tax portfolio.....
Perhaps we have misunderstood him and it is more of an HR purge? Minister of State for Employment it is, then.

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