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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Candida, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. Ok there is a game that's been continuing here on arrse for a couple of years with the approval and participation of the Mods on arrse, so it's only fair that we widen the playing field and give everyone the opportunity of being targetted.
    So the rules of the game are-
    1. Choose a high profile respected and well accepted member of arrse that you have have been chatting for many months on msn and have exchanged much personal information with in confidence, decide that you want them to leave arrse and pick a fight with them.
    2. Surround yourself with a bunch of people who love being abusive on the web and encourage them to hound the person off the site.
    3. Stalk that person throughout the internet posting on the sites they post on about them and to them.
    4. Hack their e-mail and website and close it down.Email their friends and family and business contacts and friends with abuse about them.
    5. Tell other arrsers the mobile phone number they gave you in confidence.
    6. Get those arrsers to phone the victim over Christmas with abuse and anonymously and then crow about it on arrse.
    7. Threaten them with violence
    8. Post photographs of the person all over arrse.
    9. Post the real name of the person, their location, workplace on arrse encouraging others to go and attack them
    10. Write lies and distorted facts and make false accusations at will about the person
    11 Attempt to damage the reputation of the charities the person is involved with and interfere with their ability to fundraise on the web.
    12. Damaging the persons reputation through malicious posting and question their integrity.
    13. Then call the person a Troll and pretend the person is mad/ an unfit parent etc etc

    (Edit by GCO) BLAH BLAH BLAH - MORE LOONY BLAH - SOME UTTER RUBBISH BLAH..........................

  2. no one is listening to you, cnut. take your complaint to someone who gives a f uck.
  3. Chlamydia, I've PMd you with loads of juicy gossip about him! Fancy a shag?
  4. You'd think that if - let's just say hypothetically - someone actually had been the innocent victim of a sinister plot to smear them all over the net, you'd keep your head down, wouldn't you?

    I mean, the last thing I'd do - in this hypothetical situation - is keep raising my head above the parapet. After all, my face - in this hypothetical situation - is apparently well known and presumably (as I have no firm evidence to belive otherwise) I would be keen to withdraw from the public eye, especially as my life - in theory - would be at risk from my alarming - and entirely hypothetical - habit of prostituting myself all over the net in the first place.

    What goes around comes around.

    Just a thought.
  5. Good game good game! Hope you are playing at home. Wherever that may be - as if we gives two fcuks you sad freak of nature.

    Pick me or Gunny, we are both up for spitroasting you - your place or ours?
  6. Candida you sound so bitter

  7. She tastes it as well - spit !!
  8. Chlamydia has already stalked me for the last 4 months. Someone elses turn, please.
  9. BBV - I've seen your posts in two other threads today. Just because you are serving doesn't mean you're not a TROLL as well. I think you should edit the one relating to a certain RLC unit in particular.

    Edit to say - my sincere apologies to BBV it was BusterBloodVessel who posted on the RLC thread - a virtually identical sign-in name mods any chance of a ruling on this?

    Buster_Bloodvessel, sent you apology by PM with link to the offending post - you will see why I was so irate:
  10. Is there no way the forum software can have a "block all posts by XXXX" setting for us poor users. That way we could save the MOD a fortune by not having to waste time reading the drivel posted by the various Troll's, Walts and dullards that infest t'internet.
  11. please feel free to perscute me i have no life anyway .Or seek medical help whichever you think works :roll:
  12. Behave like a coward? Or as though they are in the wrong? Let the attackers succeed?
    But why should a victim hide and behave as the attackers would hope?
    Why should this person allow their life to be harmed without exposing their attackers?
    Withdraw from the public eye and let the stalkers win?
    Let men who have attempted to destroy this persons reputation and ability to function on the web and in life succeed?
    Men who have posted disrespectfully about their late father's Army war service, life and medals?
    Behave like a coward?
    I don't think so somehow.
    Lord Flasheart is a Troll....let's chase him off the site by all means's a great and well accepted game here..enjoy!
  13. Pot. Kettle. Black.
  14. A couple of years??

    Aren't you the one that keeps changing name and constantly coming back?

    At some point you are obviously telling people what your last name was, surely to goodness if your REALLY didnt want people to know who you are then you wouldnt tell them your last screen names?

    I find it incredibly hard to believe that you are an innocent victim in all this.

    You didnt do yourself any favours 'playing the game' in the Chatroom aswell....

    I'm sorry but if you insist on coming back here and chatting to the people that are 'ruining' your life, threatening you and making false accusations then you bring it on yourself.

    You are your own worst enemy.
  15. I feel left out - no one ever stalks me
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