ARRSE Performance Increase and Related Issues

We moved house again this morning from Ireland to Germany. The move is to take advantage of ever increasing hardware performance and has meant that we can cut back the complexity, cost and associated performance hit of our Amazon server infrastructure. We are now on a lean, latest generation setup. Fewer machines, less cabling and better performance.

There is a downside of course - firstly some problems reaching the site this morning, particularly for people overseas who need to wait for the information about the change of address to propagate through the web's DNS (Domain Name System). For me this has caused problems with my Android app which stubbornly refuses to change.

So far performance has significantly improved, most notably in the speed of searching, which includes the Last 50 page. We won't get a true picture of the benefit until the dust has settled. Tonight at peak time will be the acid test, and I'm sure we will need to adjust to make the best of our new home.
Is it worth publishing the IP address of arrse on Twitter or on the update notice, to allow the foreign sorts to continue to use arrse whilst the DNS updates?


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You could try Google searching for "flush my DNS" and specify your operating system.

I tried this this morning but sadly being on Linux didn't help when most help pages assume Windows. Also failed to find the right command for my implementation (probably not helped anyway that all our traffic goes out through a gateway in Germany). mainframes are SO much easier.

So I had to suck it up and do some work.


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Home now and I find I can't get in to ARRSE on either PC or tablet. Is there anything I should do or do I have to wait.

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I have been able to get on only sporadically all day so far - tablet won't get in using browser but will using the Arrse app. Desktop sometimes works and other times gets the VB message.

If the suggestions posted by the others above don't work I'd simply persevere with it. It works eventually!
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