ARRSE, Patrick Mercer and "black bastards" :The Times

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. ARRSE is used by the Times in today's piece on the Mercer situation

    Mr Cameron's decision came under attack on The Army Rumour Service, a blog used by army employees posting under cover of anonymity to discuss military issues.

    "Guilty of opening his gob. The truth hurts and people don't like it but for an intelligent man he didn't behave too wisely. It is a pity because HM Forces need people like him who are able to speak on their behalf," said one poster under the name rickshaw-major.

    Further backing came from a man posting as dung_trumpet, who said that the saga showed Mr Cameron as "another TV politician, who'll do anything to please everyone".
  2. Not a very well balanced piece, it gave the impression that ARRSE was not divided on the issue
  3. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story eh!
  4. There was a division on the subject I missed that one :cyclopsani:, I think Mr Camerloon, has shown he has the same true colours as premier bLiar, reactionary and knee jerk reaction to please the press, oh please I don’t need any help to see through the pathetic wool they try to pull over us! : threaten:
  5. Boys, boys, can you please stop giving the unwashed quotes?

    Random_Task, you are as bad as him.

    Take it to chat, or PM.

    (who made me grown up?)
  6. Dear Times,

    If you find it necessary to trawl websites in order to obtain quotes to back up your "hot" topics, please advise readers of the full facts.

    ARRSE is an unofficial site, it does not purport to convey the views of the Army. It promotes free speech. While moderated, at some times quite heavily, the right of free speech is held in very high regard. So much so that even absolute idiots are allowed to express their views. Please be wary that you don't selectively quote unrepresentative views without also indicating that there are counter posts.

    ARRSE users are anonymous. There is also no requirement that users be either serving or ex-serving members of the Armed forces. Many ARRSE members are civilians with no links whatever to the military. While the majority of members are aligned to the Armed Forces, either through service, family ties, history or just interest, there are also members who are anti-military. Because these members provide counter arguments, sometimes even well-presented, they are not only tolerated but also welcomed. Because the language and humour of the Armed Forces differs significantly from that of the average civilian, be aware that apparently disparaging remarks are usually meant in good humour. Those ARRSE members who continue to contribute understand this and give as good as they get.

    Lastly, regulations preclude members of the Armed Forces from giving interviews with the media without prior permission. There is nothing underhand about this, it is merely an attempt to prevent journalists from selectively quoting what may be minority and uninformed views to give apparent credence to a flawed agenda.

    In summary, a journalist quoting from ARRSE may well find that while he boosts readership, he becomes a laughing stock in the eyes of the people who are privy to the full facts and consequently may lose credibilty in his future publications.

    Of course, these are personal opinions, not necessarily aligned to the views of either the ARRSE management or the Armed Forces. (And they may well be an example of minority and uninformed views).

    I bet this doesn't reach the printer - and if it does "uninformed" will be typoed as "uniformed."
  7. Well said that man. Top post Putty, guarentee that wont hit any hack's draft in the near future though.

  8. a good well worded letter hopefully the times will print this too

  9. :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud:

    Superb post....and you are right about the typo........... :thumright:
  10. The Times of course is Rupert Murdoch's New Labour House Paper rather as The Guardian is the BBC print edition. No doubt The Times has to pursue its tabloid journalism to match its diminished format, but it was one of those private conversations between Mercer and a journalist which leaked into print, which only goes to show, never offer a journalist a drink because it reveals him to be a drunk; and never tell a journalist anything on or off the record, because his innate inability to spell will make you appear illiterate as well as socially deviant
  11. Bolleaux, anyone using BB and N words is delusional. For a switched on bloke Mercer is an idiot. It aint the journo he should be blaming it is himself. I have been to Fiji on a recruiting trip, I was impressed, the Army needs racial minorities/Commonwealth recruits more than ever, Mercer is living in a different age.
  12. This weeks Kira Cochrane award for services to journalism goes to David Byers of "The Times".
  13. Can I just say that getting the words 'Dung Trumpet' onto the pages of the Times has to be, in my humble opinion, one ARRSE's finest achievements. :thumleft:
  14. And is ARRSE divided on the issue Sven?

    I seem to recall that not many people at all thought that sacking Mr Mercer was the right move, lots thought it was disgusting as he was just telling the truth, and lots thought it was disgustinng as he's just telling the truth but as a Politician he could and should have chosen wiser words.

    The general consensus that I glean from reading the specific thread on this issue is that mr CaMoron, has upset a lot of people here by sacking someone whom knows what he is talking about. He has in fact deserted a colleague for his own Political gains, because the colleague made a faux pas in the press. great Boss to back you up and showing himself to be just as slimy as the crook BLiar.