Arrse patch???

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by ports3, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Stumbled across this today on ebay has it been endorsed by ARRSE???

  2. You stumbled across a number? That must have been a shocker!
  3. I think its a code for something?
  4. thats the badger!
  5. That's Mr Mushroom Head. Mr Potato Head was discharged as an unhappy junior when his mum wrote a letter to the COs.
  6. Someone with a pierced penis owes me a Mr Potato Head badge.
  7. Sluggy knows a lot of interesting people. ;-) I'll bet he probably also has spider web tatts on his neck and "Love" & "Hate" tatts on his knuckles. Must be a Goth Kids thing. :p
  8. it will say love and hat cus someone stole his pinkey!
  9. I'm still waiting for you to come on the lash.

    I have several tattoos, but no "love & hate" etc.
  10. He does indeed have a lot of interesting tattoos.

    I'd need to put a bag on his head before I shagged him though.

    Considering I have very low standards (sorry darling) that's saying something.
  11. We both know that you'd love to have a go on me. With or without a bag on my head.
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  12. You'd snap me.
  13. I'd split you 1st. Then try my hardest to snap you!
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