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It seems there are a couple of candidates for the position of Minister for Women...and that wasn't a cue for any dirty jokes... :roll:
So in the spirit of democracy it's been decided by a couple of women to have a vote, and debate. :lol:
So able members of ARRSE, cast your votes, and voice your opinion. :wink:
Ladies and Gents:

If I win, any of the birds on here that are nice can have whatever job they want. All I ask for is:

Equal rights for ugly fat wimmin.
Free wine for all nice girls - as long as they are not exclusive to Chablis or Champagne or up their own arrses.
A chance to sleep with the Moderators whenever we want to.
£1000 vouchers to spend in a shop of our choice whenever we want.
Nice dogs that you don't have to give back to your ex's.

Any more suggestions - I am welcome to listen. Vote for Sam!!!!!
Thats a bit naughty to tell my Outer Office!!!
Equal rights for fat ugly wimmin? BBC will be chuffed then. Although I thik she'd prefer free jaffa cakes for fat ugly wimmin. Just an observation.
I like Jaffa Cakes too.

If I win - I promise to teach everyone how to be a Jedi Master Jaffa Cake Eater......
Well I'm voting for Sam cos she's the only one out of the two that seem to be saying anything.

plus, I like the shopping and wine bribe, although is it a typical political lobby and all gob?

The Bavster
Sorry about this BB and Foxy are the same person....

Mad, bunny boiling, sad, sagging, old lady, all in the same....

It's classic MPD or (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as detailed in Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore journal.

She has to be ignored to prevent her attention seeking becoming over bearing..... again!

Sad really.... :cry:

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