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I have now had a date confirmed by the Small Arms School Corps Weapons Collection.

Tues 1st December, AM (time TBC)

Dinner will be laid on and a bar possibly open afterwards.

I am waiting for timings and dinner costs. I would think 20 people would be ideal.

If anyone wants to go, please pm me and add to this thread. I was thinking of a minimum donation of £10 to hols4h to confirm a place.



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Count me in please. Looks like a good day out.
I am possibly back offshore then, but will not know until nearer the date.
If here, I am definitely up for it.
A midweek session is out for me I'm afraid :(
PM sent!
you can count me in I can make it mid week can you PM me the info please
tropper66 said:
you can count me in I can make it mid week can you PM me the info please
Can I sit at the back of the bus please? :p
PM sent

and BUMP!
After speaking to the Staff and the lack of takers it has regrettably been decided that we have to cancel.

There are two options.

1. They might do a weekend date next year, but they will all be doing it for free.

2. They do have regular tours as advertised on their website, so if you really want to go, contact them direct and go along during the week.

I did try!

MM :-(

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