ARRSE only for the English?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bugsy, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. I’ve never made of a secret of the fact that I’m an Irishman. Not have I ever concealed that I’d like to see a United Ireland. It’s my home country, FFS and I’m justifiably proud of our flag!

    But I get the feeling that I’m sometimes not welcome on ARRSE. I served six years in the British Army and a treasured that time to me was, but it seems it was all for naught, since certain people seem to want to remind me that only they are truly able to attain ARRSE status if they’re born and bred in England (or Scotland, or Wales)!

    I can’t offer that, since I was neither born in England nor Scotland or Wales. I’d like to think that I’m a part of the worldwide net of ex-pats, but even that appears to be debatable (perhaps like my avatar).

  2. I dont think its about where you are born, Bugsy, I think its more to do with the flag you have as an avatar.

    Yes, we all know it's the National flag of The Republic of Ireland but most (well some seeings how the site is mostly made up of walts, SCH and civpop) will identify it with the flag of a terrorist organisation. Even to this day, we allow the national flag of another country to be flown on British soil in preference to our own Union Flag (minus one if you include the former site of R13 ;)). Such is the way of the 'concessions' we have allowed in the name of peace.

    I for one have served in NI twice as long as you served in the British Army so it becomes a bit poignant when we see the tricolour. To you it means the National flag of your country, to some it is seen as the sign of terrorism.

    BTW. It's fcuk all to do with you being an Irishman, some of my best mates are bog trotters.
  3. I am proud of being English, but i don't go on about it (now the world cup is over).

    But, i never go on about my nationlity to a point where it becomes a issue when replying to a thread.

    Maybe if you raised insteresting points, or funny remarks, without saying you are oirish, then you may be taken seroiusly.

    From what I've seen, ARRSE is a site for open minded people, with a idea of what the Army is on about.

    If you want to go on about your political stance, there are better places to say your personnal feelings.

    However, if you want to join in with the rest of us, please be relevant.

    I respect your right to believe in what you do, but don't come onto the NAAFI thread, and expect people to think the same, and if they take the pi$$, so be it. If you can't take it, well, the internet is a big place.
  4. Just out of curiousity Bugsy, why exactly did you join the British army?
  5. We all love you really Bugsy,

    but you should stop drinking when you start getting maudlin.
  6. Cheer up - you could have been an Irish guy who served as a Monkey. Imagine what comments that would lead to!
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bugsy - sorry you are so upset, still you will be fine when you sober up.

    BTW you forgot to mention that the response to which you dedicate this thread came about after your own disparaging comment about a fellow arrser - so if you can't take it ........................

    All the best

  8. Sadly that is too very true. :(
  9. I don't think it is the fact that you are an Irishman, it is the fact that you are so blatantly pushing an emblem in to our faces that will turn a lot of the fellas a bit red in the face. It would be a bit like going on with a Julian Clary avatar. Maybe you should have taken that in to consideration. Seeing that you served for 6 years, its not like it would be a surprise to you..

    Plus some of your posts are absolute pump.
  10. Lads I thought that this was all a bit of a pis* take until I read all the posts and it appears that that some folks have a genuine problem here with Bugsy's avatar or "what it stands for"??? Being from the deep South of Ireland myself, obviously I have no problem with it, in fact I am very proud of it, as most people are of their national flag. Tis a curious phenomenon that in England people are unable to and sometimes afraid to engage with their national flag for fear of being labeled a 'racist' etc. Having lived in England for a number of years I think its disgusting that English/British folk aren't actively incouraged to fly their flag and be very proud of what is still, a great nation. A few months ago I was exchanging posts witha lad about going to Catterick etc, i believe his user name was Gunz_BlazinUK or something similar in any case his avatar was the Union Flag, I wouldn't attempt to insult him by saying something like "Oh, thats a symbol of British oppression" or some other such boll*cks, because I believe that we are a step ahead of that kind of s*it on this fine site. However, everyone is entitled to their views and opinions and if you want to associate the Irish Tricolour with us 'Feinian Bastar*s' then thats grand, I personally couldn't give a rats ARRSE!!!

    Cheers Easy!!!!
  11. The colours of the flag of the Republic of Ireland are representative - green for the republic, orange for Ulster and white for peace between them - it has nothing to do with a 'united Ireland' at all.

    A 'united Ireland' is something a small minority of the population of Northern Ireland aspire to, and some of them have used terrorism and crime as a way to try to force it to happen (they're still doing it, of course, but it's now not PC to say so), because they know that it's unlikely to happen otherwise. The majority of the population, and those who have served there, see the nationalists' use of the Free State's tricolour as a symbol of their wish to see Ulster ruled by a foreign country, and the many evil crimes they committed to try to achieve their purpose.

    I don't have a drama with Bugsy, even though he does occasionally post drivel - his choice of avatar is a matter for him, and if he chooses something controversial then he'll no doubt deal with any consequences. I'd prefer to think that his choice of avatar simply reflects where he comes from, and I wouldn't criticise any other F & C soldier who used the flag of their homeland.
  12. The green represents the Catholic populis of the South. The Orange is the Protestant populis of the South and the white signifies the peace between the 2. It has nothing to do with the 6 counties of N.I.

    I would also say that in 20 years time the population in N.I will have changed with a Majority of Catholics being in place. This will bring about the joining of the North and South. This is mainly due to the breeding habits of the N.I catholic population. I think it is 3 children to every 1 between the religious divide.

    It is however that flag that is flown by many aparent Irish people in Britain who openly support the Republican Terrorist movement - thus it is seen as an icon of terror rather than what it is - the flag of a nation.
  13. You can't blame Bugsy or the rest of the Mexicans for the misuse of their flag by republican terrorists.

    It's a bit like the BNP waving the Union flag around. It's unfortunate that such things should get hijacked and acquire other connotations but we should try not to let that colour our perception of such things when they are being used in the proper context.
  14. It's a tradition in our family. My grandfather served in WWI, my father served in WWII and my son now serves in the British Army too.

  15. Hardly a reason not to have it as an avatar, and more of a reason to provide some belated education to the slow-witted who can't see past the end of their noses.

    I well remember my Ulster flag being roundly condemned as a terrorist symbol when I flew it from my det on ops. Funnily enough that attitude changed when a certain CGS saw it.....

    Still, if Bugsy is so proud to display his national flag I'm not sure why he has defaced it.

    Loved the final comment as well, PMSL