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Great news! The team behind ARRSE have just launched an online shop called This Tribe aimed at military, police, security industry and outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve used the Clothing & Equipment forums and the Reviews section to ensure we’ve chosen the best possible range of products. As well as really well known brands such as Petzl, MSR, Under Armour, Suunto and Garmin we’re also stocking slightly less well known ones such as Keela. We’d love to hear what you think so why not contact us on Facebook, Twitter or, of course, on here.

We’ve decided to do things a bit differently to other online shops so you’ll see we’ve chosen to offer free delivery & BFPO Tax Free which means that the price you see is what you pay - no Easyjet/Ryanair style hidden charges here! Everything we sell is in stock in our warehouse so we can get it in the post to you asap. We don’t take your order and then try and get it from the distributor - leaving you waiting for ages.

In order to celebrate our launch we’ve taken at least 10% off our range of Petzl head torches which we think, with our free delivery, makes them a cracking deal!

Just a minor comment....

It would be useful to see your airborne "multicam" webbing shown next to some MTP material, just so we could compare how much of a match it is.

who knows you might even generate some more sales!
Hi Bug-out, a really good point thank you. Although I don't think it's something we would do on an individual product basis but probably as an article.

From your post I get the impression that you think Multicam is a generic term for non-MTP multi terrain camouflage.
your "multicam"
If that is the case then I'll correct you - Multicam is a specific registered design and is always this official Multicam on our products, not a generic camoflage. The post by in-the-van (Vanguard) and the links from scalieback here will go some way to answering your questions about use alongside MTP:

I actually don't think we're allowed to show MTP because of security restrictions but I will check that as I agree that a side-by-side would be ideal in any article.

Thanks again for the idea. I will get working on that today.

Thanks for writing the article, hopefully it will allow buyers to make an informed decision.

As for using the "Multicam" as a generic term, I am aware that it's registered to Crye. I was only going off how you have described some items on your website hence the use of quotation marks. (e.g. The MTPesque "Multicam Airborne Webbing (4 Pouch)" ).
No problem and thanks again for the idea. If you've any more suggestions like that please do let me know. I'm mid way through an article about waterproof breathable fabrics for military use, but that is a real bastard of a subject so that'll be a while.

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