Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Matt845, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. It may be getting a little more popular aronud here. I was at the recording of 'Have I Got News For You' last night (due to air this evening on BBC2) and ARRSE got a mention in the first round.

    Don't know if it'll get cut out of the final show or not but it got a big enough laugh; they made the fairly obvious "it sounds like 'arse'" joke so I reckon it'll be in along with the whole 'general says we should leave Iraq' story.
  2. Who mentioned it and was it a good comment or a slating?
  3. It wasn't a slating. Alistair McGowan (guest host) metioned it but it was part of the script.

    The were talking about the general and the army in general and making some fairly predictable jokes (a picture of a tank comes up - "ooh look that's the last tank we have left now" and so forth) and then McGowan said; "if you want to hear about the state of the Army direct from the soldiers then there is a website called the 'Army Rumour Service' - and thats".

    Or words to that effect.
  4. Hope it makes the final edit.

    This site just grows and grows. Thought it'll mean more civvies than anything else!
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Any one feel that it (Arrse) may be getting to noticed? Too much publicity isn't always good.
  6. Ah just tell em to **** off! Mind you, im not even attested yet

    edited on account of me being a penis
  7. Just observe OPSSEC and PERSEC and there wont be any problems, this site has always been watched by the media and public – a few more isn’t going to do any harm.
  8. The main problem with too much attention and publicity is censorship; once the dodgier elements (the ones we truly love) get an airing, so the moderators will be forced to cut. Same thing happened to PornoTube - it's now so clean there's very little fun left. All my favourites are now gone!
    Tricky conundrum. Is it possible to restrict civ*s/ journos? Doubt it. Sad.
  9. Maybe a simple quiz is called for to test the authenticity of any dubious "I'm a squaddie, me" claims. A quiz so fiendishly difficult that none but the finest minds in the nation will be able to pass. Oh, wait...

    Ok then, a quiz so fiendishly perverted that only genuine ex-forces will know the answers. Suggest MDN and Co as examiners. No practicals tests.
  10. Rather thn worrying about Persec Opsec isnt the problem that hte greatest thign about Arrse - the Naafi will have to answer for every un-pc comment made there?
  11. Well if arrse gets more publicity then hopefully it will bring in more advertising revenue. Which, knowing the honest creators of our glorious arrse, will use to provide a better website experience, and not rely on donations from members to keep things going.

    So more publicity is a good thing in my opinion.
  12. I don't think MDN will agree to administer this fiendish exam unless a physical or practical element is premitted...or indeed perverted.
  13. Prehaps you need to enter an army number to post a message...

    ...can see it now... "but how did you know it was me calling you cnut online sir?"...
  14. Count youselves lucky (or unlucky depending on your POV); they cut it in the end. So the only extra civvies aware of it are the 200 in the studio audience.
  15. Just watched it, not a mention. Never mind.

    Perhaps we should now start a campaign on getting arrse mentioned on every tv show about 'The Tweenies' for starters?