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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HVM_Boy, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. Last night, during a moment of insomnia at about 0430hrs i was listening to TalkSport Radio. The host at the time, Mike Mendoza, talked for a few minutes about arrse. Aparently someone had sent him a link to this site, and he couldn't believe it when he typed it in and it spelt 'arse'.

    he read out the front page of Arrse, ie, the bit about not overthrowing HMG etc etc, and then went on to discuss the campaign to get big business to donate to the "Support our troops at Christmas" campaign. He then named and shamed those companies and shops who refused to support our troops in the middle east at christmas. A particular slagging was given to M&S, who would not donate anything as it may seem like they were 'supporting the war', and to Harrods who donated a solitary teddy bear .

    Mike Mendoza then went on to state his support for the troops, and I even think he may have said that he will not be shopping in M&S any more.

    Mike Mendoza

    Talk Sport.
    1053 1089 AM
  2. Well done Mr Mendoza
  3. Good Man, a massive thumbs up to Mike from ARRSE then...



    Merry Christmas to you Sir, Thank You for supporting the Country's ARRSE [​IMG]
  4. I listen to Talk Sport all the time, and most of the presenters do support our troops, not the war. When the Royal Marine video came out a month ago, there was support that this was just what our fighting soldiers do sometimes. Andy Mcnab has been on several times. The best radio station in the UK.IMHO
  5. It has to be said that in particular James Whale (of the same radio station) has voiced more or less the same opinion.
  6. Listened to the same programme, and heard the call where Arrse was mentioned. I think the caller was peeved that prior to his call , the host had said he could see M+S's point. The caller then went on to say "But would Marks and Spencer be so damn particular about taking money from Servicemen and women and their families?"

    At this point I think the host said as it was put like that , and a very good point . Host then asked how people could support the troops. Caller mentioned getting in contact with MoD, but mentioned it was probably too late for Crimbo , but the guys and girls would still appreciate letters, photos, cards and presents, to make them feel they weren't forgotten. Caller made the point that far more people in the UK supported the troops than supported the war, after all, the Army didn't make an arbitrary decision to invade the Litter tray on it's jack. Host agreed, asked caller if he could specify somewhere where people could get more information to send stuff, caller mentioned Arrse, but was careful to spell it out, rather than say it lololololol. caller also mentioned my point , on the irony of a Muslim being the only one to actually send anything. (Fame at last)

    Shame it wasn't at a busy time, as I felt the caller came across well, and certainly made the hosts look at the human angle, as opposed to the faceless khaki mass.

    Well done talksport , maybe we can get a campaign going , "A Squaddie is for a tour, not just for Christmas"

    Why am I thinking "Adopt-a-Squaddie"? I'd like to be adopted by Fiona Bruce or the very lovely Ms. Jolie please :D
  7. Sure he wasn't some limp-wristed brummie cardie wearing liberal? :lol:
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Great to have some support. BUT....

    Talksport radio at 04.30?? Can't help thinking that is not hitting a big audience...