ARRSE on-line election for US president

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. John S. McCain III (Republican party)

  2. Barack H. Obama Jr. (Democratic Party)

  3. Ralph Nader (Independent)

  4. Robert L Barr (Independent)

  5. Cynthia Ann McKinney (Green Party)

  1. Wheres the I couldnt give a rats arse option?
  2. I tried to put that in, but it only allows a max of 5 options! Anyway, that's covered by not voting at all! :D
  3. Is the doris good looking?

    Edited to answer my own question after a bit of research on Google. As a result of which you can put me down as a couldn't care less:

  4. Charles O Baldwin
  5. I'll just be glad when the whole thing is over. It's normally boring enough but this time with a black candidate the coverage has been completely over the top.
  6. I just hope that the old duffer doesn't get in! :p
  7. Obama for me - not a race issue but an age one. McCain's generation has done its bit. Thanks very much but move on.
  8. Could only add 5 candidates, he seemed the least interesting! :D
  9. The one who won't start any more wars.

    Whadda ya mean, 'there's no such option'?!
  10. DIMDIF?......I'd just like to shag the Palin bird. :D
  11. Agreed - best possible scenario.
  12. The thing that worries me about Obama is that he will come in like Tony Bliar - and then end up like Tony Bliar.
  13. Always a risk... the alternative is that McCain will come in like Bush...