arrse on ITV news

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by five-minute-fagbreak, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Anyone see arrse being quoted on the news tonite? Boy they must really take this site seriously, quoting posts about the big 5 ' speaking up at last!
  2. They must be getting a real insight in to how people in the forces think reading my posts -)
  3. They did it last week too. Keep posting - it could make you famous :D
  4. But then i would have to hide my face like mr Mc nabby! 8)
  5. I just got quoted twice, flippin 'eck, parliament next!

    arrse, the only party that makes sense.....
  6. Must be because you had something decent to say old chap :D
  7. hey nig, what did they quote you on? i only ask as I'm not in a place where i can see uk tv at the momet... hell, i could be famous... and i wouldn't know it... oh wait.. i haven't said anything too controversial.... yet
  8. Doubtful. They probably thought half way through yet another article on endless defence issue b@ll@x that the audience needed a good laugh and sven wasn't available. :D
  9. gk always thought you were a CAUC

    CAUC complete and utter **** 8)
  10. There wasnt enough time to quote Svens posts it was only a half hour bulletin, he might go on at 2300hrs to help get people to sleep.
  11. Had to laugh, I like ITV news, but they do like to keep their quotes short, Sven, I don't think you were even considered.

    I reckon the "Big Five" must be avid readers of ARRSE,I am sure Lord Bramall was referring to this site when he was interviewed last night and talked about one of Des Browne's nicknames, personally I prefer Swiss Des........

    Anyway, what is the betting that Defence Sec will soon be a full-time appointment?
  12. ICShiiteJobs

    Yeah right.
    No one else knew what he was on about either. But all were agreed - Kilcullen he ain't.
  13. Do enlighten us all kurtz as to how much of your impeccable analysis got a mention...
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Oddly Godkurtz wasn't mentioned, but probably for the same reason he isn't taken very seriously here: he's a screaming conspiracist nutjob.
  15. Nig;
    His mates were on radio all day. They were trying to explain how Swiss Des could both be Defence Minister and yet also have time to hang around a used car lot explaining to anyone who would listen how ' You have to treat Scotland - just like you would a beautiful woman.'