Just one thing here.

I actually believe we may possibly have a SoSDef who does actually give a damn about British Armed Forces , thanks to his family history , and his evident pride in that.

Totally unlike the last disgusting joke in the position.

The thing that remains to be done, is to educate him away from the yes-men and bottom kissers . I don't think he has any fear of coal-face opinions.

Who knows, he may actually sit in the bath this weekend, contemplate his navel and think "Why not , I might let this run"

well said, one would almost think that someone is finally listening to Lord Robertson (the best SoS, this mob has produced).
paveway_3 said:
I totally agree sky-monkey , i hope this press interest in arrse is not taken too seriously as we do tend to get mis-quoted
, and maybe the fun will leave arrse as it will all get too serious . We are all P.C. generals here and between us all i am sure
we could''right all the wrongs'' in the Britsh army .Thing is i dont see anything changing so why get too stressed about it all .
You are so right, paveway_3. The fun must never leave arrse!

As to "I don't see anything changing"...

Things change all the time. Every day is a new day. Sometimes there is a chance to influence how things change around us.

It is easy to take it for granted now, but in less than one year our responsible campaign on service voting has already changed an official culture which went back to 1945.
I wonder if the sos for defence has ever visited arrse? If he sees this he should tell his boss we all think he is a cnut
and can you get Glasgow to sort my pay out , cheers .
ViroBono said:
At least if they have quoted from ARRSE it's more likely to be accurate than if MoD have anything to do with it.

A couple of days ago I contacted the BBC to complain that a graphic showing the disposition of UK forces incorrectly listed NI as 'non-operational. I pointed out that Op BANNER remains ongoing. I received an email from the BBC stating that they would query it with MoD.

Today it seems to have been 'clarified'; NI is still shown as non-operational, but under the graphic this has been added: "According to MoD, operational deployments are those announced by defence secretary in parliament involving commitment to specific theatre. Non-operational deployments do not involve fighting role."

Further down, in the descriptions of each area: "Some 11,000 British troops are still stationed in Northern Ireland, although their work is among those classed as non-operational."

Interesting, not least because I am currently in NI, and no-one's told us that OP BANNER has ended!
If NI os non-operational, why are they still handing out the GSM with clasp "Northern Ireland"?
Beautiful bit of quoting from the BBC and i wonder if this is a come back at their once "mil freindly" apperance... having realised that after we kicked them off the Ark Royal for negative reporting.... we do have something worth saying?

Burgers said:
Yes......and no.

It's not that we shouldn't have a forum to express our views anonymously
It doesn't follow that I want my pub style whingings to be taken by the press

These are two separate things
(1) Anonymous 'Letter to the Times' type posts
(2) Banter and Conversation

Edited by PTP
Hmm. I don't think you can have it both ways. You can't expect to post on a public site such as ARRSE without a degree of scrutiny from interested parties such as the BBC or Fleet Street. If you want to have a hidden thread where no-one from the public can see why don't you set one up? I for one would rather have my views discussed by outside parties including the higher military echelons as well as the media if it made people aware of some of the issues that concern us.
What about a form of 'Credibility Rank' on Arrse that starts with serving soldiers, goes down to ex-soldiers, and ends up in the gutter with notacluecivilians? That way, anyone scanning quickly through Arrse will know how much weight a particular poster carries.

I mean, for god's sake, Tomahawk6 was described in the papers last week as 'apparently a soldier' :D
As with any other blog/forum, the posts are from indivual members. If a reg was to meet me offline, in a pub, then I would give the same advice and express my opinion as I do online in the forum - so they would have to stop the lads leaving camp in case they bump into an ex-squaddie!! My son is about to do his 4 year "Feldwebel" training - it is his decision after hearing plenty of positive and negative stories from me.

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