Arrse on BBC News

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by smithie, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. BBC News

    Salutary warning about watching what's said...

  2. they can quote this "all jurnos are cnuts"
  3. The entire story revolves around Arrse comments rather than a sound bite to back up a story!!

    not sure what to think about this one, what happens when they start quoting the Arrse Trolls


  4. Imagine if they did a report on special people Ha Ha
  5. cant we put some form of copyright agreement on anything posted on the site, and make it clear that anything published on the site can only be used with the prior written permission of the author, and at a fee of £100 per word to a chosen forces charity???

    someone here must know the legal ins and outs of copyright!
  6. good idea otherwise tommorow nights headlines "british army like to fcuk mongs"
  7. At least we got a link off the page.
  8. Wouldn't it be terrible if they quoted me as saying " The bde commander was caught in a compromising situation with 3 of his CO's during a cocktail party at his house last week. It was rumoured that he was made "airtight" whilst the third Charlie Oscar released a string of his seed onto the Brigadiers face"
  9. I wouldn't mind but they could of put the bit in where I said it would be my 1 year old daughter avenging me !
  10. The BBC has made the mistake of thinking that all ARRSE members are soldiers. Many are - but many are OTC, Cadets, ex-servicemen, walts, trolls and (worst of all) journos. They may even have fallen into the trap of quoting themselves, believing that they are quoting soldiers!!

  11. Agree 100% but I am ex-serviceman could you put us above OTC and cadets please,small point I know but we have pride
  12. Jurno's, cnuts, the lot of them.

    DB, i'll look forward to reading your report in tomorrows Sun. lol nice one mate
  13. They cant even write there own comments , they have to nick all our comments lol
  14. LMFAO... The Funny thing is all you journos reading this crap actually believe it... :lol: Why don't you quote that in your newspaper...

    "Pie Eating, Oxygen Thieving, Jackanory Telling Journos taken in Hook, Line and Sinker by the Humourous Antics of the British Squaddie"