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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by patchemup, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Just logged into ArmyNet. Message of the day is the request not to use this asset or forums but to use the forums on ArmyNet instead. Me thinks the Government don't like what is being written in here...the truth always hurts!!
  2. Information by it's very nature wants to be free. I fully support and value OpSec & PerSec but ARRSE is a natural channel that has evolved. It is clearly a Govt policy to gag opinion that they do not like. The opinions shown here are probably a good benchmark of attitudes at the sharp end. By it's very nature ArmyNet is controlled with a far tighter audit trail and everyone aware of their rank/status. Here it is more of a live barometer of issues and concerns that folk can debate in an open and refreshing forum. 98% of ARRSE users use this site in a sensible way and don't compromise anything classified or v sensitive that you could get in the open press or indeed thru' MoD or the Tri Service websites.

    I hope that topics/threads seen on this site that affect or disgruntle serving regular & reserve forces are regularly reviewed by the highest ranks & senior civil servants.
  3. Of course, it would also make tracking individual posters so much easier for the head shed. User ID including your last four! I can picture part one orders now........
    Pte's White, Black and Brown CO's Memoranda for what they posted on line about the Government last night.
    Sgt Red report to the RSM reference his comments on mess fee's

    A smell a twitchy head shed who want a better way of gagging opinions!
  4. Click to: Read all about it.
  5. Just in case any of the gov'mint are having this read to them by their 'aide de camps'


    (Did they teach you that in Government school?)
  6. And dont forget in the forums on Army NET the CoC can see who is posting.............
  7. I wonder if ARRSE will experience an upsurge in mysterious 'technical problems' now.

    They spy on my thoughts with their rays, you know.
  8. Ssshhhh, its anonymous.... :)

    Do they all think we're fucking stupid?
  9. Good god man, put your tin foil on!

    ARRSE is very accesible, and in some instances, a recruiting tool.

    Besides, if they really wanted to monitor you, they would cross-reference IP's from ArmyNET on here.
  10. Why not? the government think we are! :x
  11. I wouldn't use Armynet forums, for the sole reason of my bosses constantly checking to see whats being said. Its almost paranioa in our place. I'll stick to arrse :wink:
  12. Is everyone just a bit to paranoid or is it me (god now i'm getting paranoid)
  13. Who said that?? 8O
  14. I think this is a good thing, if im giving or receiving advice its nice to know that the advice is coming from someone qualified to give the advice.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Which is why this is a redundent discussion. ArmyNet has got no GFP and advice will be sensible for the most part. On ARRSE your day may be brightened by a Admin, Mod or member telling someone that their only solution is to jam a baseball bat up their jaxie, borrow a pogo stick and go practice in the car park.

    Can you see that happening with trace extant?

    Two different animals. I like the one with pogo sticks better.