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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wireless_barf, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. with the coming 2012 london olympics, i wonder if we should stage our own contest?

    i propose the following categories -

    Mong Baiting
    Walt Outing

    what other games could we have?
  2. Pie Eating
  3. Is Hardmong Baiting the trials for the Mong Baiting team?
  4. indeed, selection is in progress, i believe we have the making of a world class gold medal team in there!
  5. can i have the franchise for selling nice cream an laboons?
  6. I think it hurts our chances though, when Hardmong takes his laboon and logs off in the middle of training.
  7. oh i dont know, it helps with the field events, you got to find the mong first, the you can chuck a hammer or javelin at it
  8. crap thread relay. i will run the last leg
  9. Then theres always my favourite, synchronized pi55 taking
  10. 2000 n whit? OLYMPICS!!!????? Fuck aff!!!

    2014 Commie-wealth games n that? (R We in Cuba?) Nae mare buckfast for me man!!!

    That's aw Glasgow needs!!!........

    Choose deep fried pizza, choose IRN BRU, choose tablet n macaroon bars..
    Choose pubs wi nae windaes, choose buckfast...

    Choose a fcukin big CHIB, choose sum wee chav in a tracksuit callin' ye a bawbag...

    Choose GLASGOW for the 2014 Comnwelf games 2014....


    That's aw Glasgow needs - anither 20000 cnuts that canny speak English - the "Weegies" (Glaswegian chavs) struggle wi hinglish as it is!!!

  11. what he said
  12. Hoots Mon!! :D

    Thank you W B.... God fcukn help them!!! Thank gawd am no yin i the Polis - ok loadsa overtime - but fcuk that fur a game o sodjers!!!!

    Send me to the sandbox!!!
  13. Sparky gets the job of official commentator,
  14. Aye, cheers n that man eh? Ken whit a mean n that naw?

    Emm... Aye, naw, but... n that ken?

    Wid luv tae be the common-pa-tater (spuds n that ken? eh?) but am way too bizzy tryin tae iron ma shell suit naw? N no burn it n that ken?

    Snow eezy eh? Them cnuntin cheapie irunz fi Tescoz n nat naw ken eh? Thur phukn pish n that naw?? Eh?? ken whit a mean???

    Thank fcuk a nivr joined the Ayr-my!!! Bitt Poalish? whits wi aw yon bullin'? Ma nose is shine-ier!!

    God bless you "Glen's" Vodka - Smirnoff on pay day :D

    Thanks pal :D this might be a bit unreadable for people based south of the great divide pmsl - I'm not from glesca - Bo'ness originally :D
  15. Who let Private McAulslan in here?