ARRSE olympics

The ARRSE Olympics!

The Death Jump- Jump out of a plane at 30,000ft with a parachute made out of BBC'S kecks

Chimpions Leg - Dyslexic Football

Skiff A Boat Race - Wipe your shitty finger across as many top lips in 1 min
Noshing relay race.

The Arrse maidens nosh off as many of the arrse blokes as they can in half hour. :D
50m freestyle Windowlicking?

MLAAAAARing in a Vacuum?
Hide & seek.

Who can hide the longest in BBC/Moodys flab rolls before suffocating or being found. :D
Freestyle tourettes, with points awarded for variety of swearing and non repetition

watersports. including the double legger, and the squelchy boot.

celebrity "one man and his tramp"

1000m staplecheese, a bit like the steeplechase but with less running but more cheese and staples.

clay teapot shooting.
Horse riding. (Where has Dale gone) :lol:

Interrogation - spot when Blond_Bint is lying or telling the truth.

Jumping Reverse Drill - Like normal but guess what? It's done jumping and reverse. Just to make it more interesting whilst pished.

Sheep round UP - RRW only

not for arrse members but just for some half time entertainment.
Thalidomide Javelin
Wheel chair long jump
Smashed window windowlicking
Blind mans buff crossed with hide and seek with some real blind mlaaaaaaaaaaaarrrs.
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