Arrse not found

I cannot open Arrse, keeps coming up as " cannot be found" but I can get on using the IGS Account.
Is my computer blocked from Arrse by the Wifi or is any one else having this snag?


Are you at home, or at work? Assuming work if you're using an IGS account.
I am deployed. Paradigm wifi provided but cannot get onto Arrse. Everything else is ok.
I will try that link when I get back to the block. Thanks
Used both IE and Firefox. Firefox comes up with a corrupt page, all different characters in random order.


It happened to quite a few people including me, and I was unable to get on ARRSE for 2 months; there were posts about it by ARRSErs on the Navy and RAF sites too. I was using Vista SP2 and Chrome, but it affected various OS and browsers.
It seems the fault was something to do with lots of computers being unable to verify site certificates, and I was getting a pop-up to this effect everytime I tried to visit certain 'secure' sites, including ARRSE, my bank, University, Linked-In, etc.
Advice on how to fix it is pretty much useless via a Google search of the offending message, and after exhausting my own technical knowledge, I finally gave up, bought a copy of Windows 7 and did a complete reload.

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