Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fromunderthestone, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. My first post. here goes.........

    Now that ARRSE has flexed its muscles twice (HC and Pun VC) and helped make the right thing happen on both occasions, we are in a situation where we, as a repesentative sample of the Armed Forces (and others who care) have a voice that can make itself heard and make a difference.

    What next? How do we apply it?
    Do we go looking for wrongs to be righted, or wait for a natural sense on outrage to guide us?
    What should be the relation hip between ARRSE and BAFF?
    Are there issues which we don't want to touch?
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  6. As I posted on the 36GL thread:

    A discussion is being had about the "nature of ARRSE" amongst some of the moderators. While many derive obvious satisfaction by "sticking it to the man" the purpose of ARRSE is NOT to be a campaiging platform. That is not to say when a situation arises that demands natural justice (such as forces voting, Pun VC, 36GL) and a swift response that the site ought to leave well alone, in fact quite the contrary we have demonstrated that the site is a force for good when needed.

    If ARRSE develops a "fighting fund" then it will no doubt start to be swayed into the arena of political battles and lobbying. That is exactly why BAFF was founded - to lobby on behalf of servicemen and women in a way that the RBL/ABF/SSAFA et al are not established under their charter and charitable status to do. Back room political lobbying is a strategic game and involves influencing over time, a different concept of ops to what has happened here over the past couple of weeks, which is why BAFF has a longer term agenda. Let BAFF carry that lantern. ARRSE is a Rumour Service - an online community, and I fear that the sudden rush of blood from winning the 36GL argument is clouding judgements by emboldening people to want to push the line out further.

    There will, no doubt, be instances where as a community we will feel motivated to act to correct what we feel is wrong. Let us not confuse our interpretation of events by starting looking for fights or adopting causes. The last thing this site wants or needs to be is a crusade in search of a cause.

    If we start to adopt the posture of a lobbying organisation we will only attract criticism, and opponents (often powerful ones), that will make us a standing target and that is not what the site was started for. It was started as a virtual "camp" where each forum has a loose connection with the issues that get discussed in the NAAFI, the mess, in the lines, the QM's store, the MT yard, etc etc. Please let's not start to loose sight of that by well intended, but mis-directed calls to arms.

    The money that was raised was intended for the benefit of 36GL. Once the final balance has been reached the surplus ought to go to SSAFA to be spent on the building your actions helped secure.
  7. So far, we have a strike rate of 100%

    Forces Voting which gave birth to BAFF.

    Selly Oak

    Pun VC

    SSAFA , which as some of you are aware by now, has received praise for Arrse and it's campaign from the Boss of the Army.

    There have been opther smaller "Under the wire campaigns' or awareness exercises, that have resulted in changes. The campaign for campaign medals thread was acted swiftly upon by the medals office, once they appreciated the scale of the problem. Individual comments like "We have no welfare computers" followed swiftly by "Ref. My last , wrong, they have just arrived :D"

    I have been approached by various Arrsers, with a view to starting a 'professional lobbying and campaigning arm' I have to say , I am absolutely against such a venture.

    Personally , I'm loathe to have Arrse become any sort of lobbying organisation , and would oppose such a move strongly.

    We succeed, because we have no discernable political bias, but can put a 'Flashmob' together at short notice, then manouvere them to best advantage.

    We also select causes that are 'right and just' which can reach a fairly swift conclusion. We don't have the manpower or resources to mount prolonged campaigns, and must select those we can hit with overwhelming force, quickly and descisively.

    I'm not sure how much membership has gone up since the SSAFA campaign started, or what the site stats are, perhaps the CO's can tell us, if the stats weren't corrupted by outages?

    My view is we should 'indulge' in very infrequent campaigns, always select those where we know we can make a significant difference, and with a start to finish duration of no more than 30 days.

    I feel if we get involved in 'politically hot' campaigns ouitside the Military sphere , we are going to come very unstuck.

    I would include the Military Covenant among the issues we need to be steering clear of, at least until there is a more firm direction. That one is seriously fraught with peril for example.

    With each successful campaign, our stock and reputation is rising. During the intense media activity , when I mentioned SSAFA and Captain Peter Norton GC to some media organisations, they had the bloody temerity to say "Who"?

    When I said "Army Rumour Service" it was "Oooooo we know you" . We have a reputation , which I feel more and more people will seek to hijack to pursue their on agendas, especially recent joiners to Arrse , unsure of what we are really about.

    We are primairily here to provide an informal, non-politically aligned forum where serving members , regular and reserve can vent, suggest or praise in anonymity. I really do not want to ever compromise that.

    We are read and quoted and contributed to by very senior politicians and other public figures , senior officers across all 3 services and 'household name' journalists.

    We are used to gauge attitude and opinions in the Army, that in itself is an important role.

    This will continue to happen, and is for the good of all, as long as we are perceived to have no political bias or agenda, save the issues that we should be rightly concerned about.

    If we move from that carefully preserved and jealously guarded stance, I fear that those who are seriously opposed to our very existence, will move swiftly to ensure this means becomes extremely difficult or impossible to use for those of us in uniform.
  8. Actually the first ARRSE victory was Service Voting.

    BAFF (annual subscription a bargain at £30!) is involved in a number of issues, and has already had some successes. There is no doubt that campaigns such as those for Pun VC and 36GL, both of which BAFF supported and contributed to) have a place, but much of BAFF's work involves, as Woopert points out, long term strategy and behind-the-scenes work.
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  11. Keep things as they are chaps. ARRSE derives its credibility from being itself; it cannot be more given the very fact that ARRSErs are a mix of serving, retired, dependants, civil servants, walts, wannabes, civvies with no Forces connections at all, Caubeen ..... the list goes on. It can never represent itself as a cross section of the forces because nobody (beyond a very favoured few) knows who is actually what.

    Which is the way it should be.
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