ARRSE 'much vexed' in a Kent Police & Gladio FOI query


Came across this li whilst having a look at 'what do they know' which was an FOI request to the MOD.
How does one begin to answer this form of question? Normally I wouldnt post this sort of thing, but the news that our beloved ARRSE has been 'much vexed' about this issue made me post so we could all share in the vexation...
Dear Ministry of Defence,

A Secretary of State for Defence replied some years ago to my MP
that the status of a "Combat Training Team" based at Deal Royal
Marines Barracks was "Private contractor"

At the time this "CTT" operated (and it may still be operating) it
was an offence to conduct military training without Crown
Authority. Unlawful Drilling Act 1819.

In 1982 a joint exercise with Belgian "Gladio" units was cancelled
due to Falklands War. But later in 1982 the Deal Barracks based
"Private contractors" deployed on a joint exercise to Belgium. The
"CTT" on that occasion including uniformed English Police Officers.

Next I must draw your attention to the Mark Ellison QC Review and
the questions it raises.

Did senior members of the "CTT" private contractors go on to work
for respectively Mayfayre Associates (See Levenson Inquiry) and for
the late Charlie Kray an associate of Clifford Norris. Were the
"Private contractors" the source of moonlight bodyguard work to
five Regional Crime Squad officers (including one Lawrence case
officer) for which they were disciplined 1995 ?

The question to you is asking for details of the Exercise Waterland
1989. Its dates. Whether it extended to a denial exercise of
English channel ports and Manston airfield (to an imaginary Soviet
cross channel invasion). Whether unlawful "Gladio" type
paramilitaries were involved in Kent (as in Belgium at Zeebrugge).
And whether the avowedly Marxist elements of IRA and INLA may have
had this exercise in mind when they tragically targetted Deal Royal
Marines Barracks 22.9.89 killing 11 innocent young bandsmen.

We are told that the constitution is now at the centre of political
debate. Weren't people a tad unamused about pretend soldiers being
above the law (Petition of Rights leading to civil war ?) Didn't we
settle at a Crown monopoly for armed force ? Didn't we clarify that
in statute 1819 (Unlawful Drilling Act). Didn't we shift ground a
bit 1936 (Yielding decisions to prosecute paramilitaries to a
public interest decision of Attorney General) but the 1819 stayed
in force until 2008.

The Army Rumour website has been much vexed with the bemused
question of just who the hell this "CTT" Deal Barracks was. If its
leader was flagged as an Intelligence Nuisance how come he kept a
security clearance (Eventually ending up as a consultant on Cabinet
security) ?

The Gladio idea was that of SOE Harry Sporborg 1944. But did it, or
its ilk, ever have Crown Authority to be armed and to operate in UK

To summarise would you provide details of the 1989 exercise and set
out the position in law MOD had and has concerning armed units who
have no Crown authority.

Yours faithfully,



I've never been 'much vexed' before.
Oh, sorry I have, but that was with our friend Bounced banana/Danny Diehard.
Came across this we could all share in the vexation...
Dear Ministry of Defence,
Blah ...................

I personally have bored the The Army Rumour website shitless with my continual ranting on subjects no one has heard of (or cares about) and I am often ridiculed as being a Grade A Throbber or worse as a Certifiable Loony ........

To summarise would you class me as the above?

Yours faithfully,


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If i recall correctly, the main vexation i had was if to make american pancakes or waffles.
The website, is, I suspect untroubled, as software is immune to the sight of bouncing fruit.
The members might be vexed, but many of them would think that 'vexing' is some new form of sexual perversion.
Whatever it is, I'm sure either bumhole or rgjbloke will have the answer. 'bloke was probably there, on reflection
I fear that the only vexing is the tinfoil hatted balloon head getting labelled 'vexatious'


Did someone say 'Kent Police'? Have I missed anything??
If something was vexed but is no longer so, would it be exvexed. So a vexatious exvexed exvexated vexation could be very vexing at the vexatious nature of the vexee and even the vexant. Nurse!!!!!! :cool:

Richard Card is none over than our very own DannyDiehard or whatever he is calling himself this week, a meths guzzling moon howler of epic and hilarious proportions.

The CTT at Deal Barracks was probably some poor Cadet Training Team who are now being harassed for illegal drilling of kids or somesuch nonsense.
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