Arrse Mr Potato Head

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Parky_boy, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. Right I'm home over Christmas and therefore bored...Even though I am 21 I have decided that I want an ARRSE Mr Potato Head. Does anybody have any ideas where I could get/make a lid with DPM cover, SA80 and pintglass to fit one?
  2. Easier to go the other route.Find a fecing great big potato!
  3. Get in touch with MDN as he makes them in his spare time. I bought one for my nipper last week.
  4. I have one, which is put on for all mess meetings and corps events
  5. Ha...didn't know they were already made. tar.

    ...although I do like the idea of a 'life-sized' spud soldier!
  6. Well i'm available for hire at £100 a day. That includes sexual favours.
  7. Action man SA80 would be about right. A toy shop should turn up a glass from a Dolls house furniture set. Or make one out of a clear pen cap.

    Helmet could be made from papier mache moulded over a tea cup or similar and painted.

    Should keep you busy for the afternoon!
  8. That was the idea...

    Standby in the next few days for a "Here's one I made earlier" moment!
  9. hang on, that makes you............tat, tap tap, cheaper than my ex wife..................better looking too no doubt!
  10. I couldn't possibly comment as i only ever saw the top of your wifes head! :D
  11. Still waiting....

  12. .......and waiting...........
  13. 1. Purchase Mr Potato Head kit.
    2. Make potato substitute out of no-potato-like materiel - pleistocene.
    3. Paint substitute potato appropriately.
    4. Make helmet out of ½ tennis ball and garnish appropriately.
    5. Cough linctus cup for glass. Fill with stained two pack clear lacquer for beer effect.
    6. Attach GI Joe/Action Man SA80.
    7. Repeat x 1000+.
    8. Retire to Mauritius after making millions.
  14. Is it true MDN really makes them?

  15. A bit of quality control can save you loadsamoney in refunds. :)

    But will people really buy them at £1000+ each? (Step 7)