ARRSE Mr Potato award for Annabelle Ewing MP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. She may be a nutso Scottish Nat, but she spoke for hundreds of thousands of us today!

    From the BBC:

  2. Arrse user-sponsored Coffee Mugs.

    If you want to buy, or contribute towards a Coffee mug for someone who has been a hero in the last few days i.e Lorna Fitzsimmons for her "Forthright and direct" discussion with TCH over Inf. Batts getting the chop, or Annabelle Ewing for calling TCH a backstabbing Coward , or anyone else you care to nominate for this, then send the boodle to the usual donation address with a covering note as to who you want it to go to, and we'll do the rest.

    Of course, I shall lead by example :)
  3. Can we put aside a mug for TCH?

    I suggest that we follow the example given in a prank post some months ago by p!ssing in it and letting it evaporate! :twisted:
  4. Will any of these jobs be for service personnel?
  5. He is a total tw@t. Can we not have the 'ARRSE says your ARSE' award....
  6. Bloody express - the link above has changed. TCH's response (yet again):

    You notice that he didn't say she was wrong though.......... :roll:
  7. "He said he was "deeply disappointed" with the comments of the Scottish National Party's Annabelle Ewing - expelled from the chamber after she blasted Mr Hoon in the Commons - and said she should concentrate on representing her constituents."

    Sounds to me like she was representing her constituents. Kicking him in the clockweights may have represented her constituents even more.
  8. Annabelle Ewing for CGS!