Arrse Modern Warfare 2 Clan - PS3

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Hakagure, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Thought I would pose the question before the game is released to see if we can get a few Arrser's lined up for the Multliplayer .. Anyone up for it ??

    How about using BARS as the Clan Tag ??, if memory serves that was the ID for COD4. If you fancy a game add me, my PSN ID is Love_Sludge
  2. Aye, I'm in.
    BlueMiner is my tag on the PS3.
  3. I'm in too.

  4. Oh no! my son and I are on that 3rd Prestige Badge on CoD 5 and now this comes out! 8O

    An ARRSE McClan sounds good 8)
  5. And me.

    PSN, Arankay
  6. As an afterthought, is everyone getting this when it comes out on the 10th?

    I was in a Game shop the other day and the twot behind the counter stated that he was more than happy to put my name down form a pre-order copy but could not tell me how much they were going to sell it for!

    Amazon and other online stores are knocking this out for around £42 +P&P whilst this 'tard in Game reckoned around £49.99.

    I was thinking of waiting a couple of weeks and getting a copy for around £15 less.

  7. Yep, ordered mine via for £44.99 months ago.
    Had an email this morning saying it had been despatched yesterday on a courier, but to allow 3-5 days for delivery.
  8. I'm in.

  9. I got the same said to me in the shop when I pre-ordered about a fortnight ago, their website is now showing it selling at £44.99 which is about right. They also have a deal on where if you trade in one the games on their list they knock another 20 quid off it. I am trading in COD4 as I have played it to death over the last two years.
  10. So it's you that's been whupping my ass all this time! In my defence, screaming kids around my ankles all the time, nagging wife, can't concentrate, etc etc etc :D

    I'm a bit undecided on Modern Warfare 2, as it happens. It's undoubtedly going to be an amazing game, but, well.. I don't actually see a reason to upgrade yet. The current Modern Warfare is still enthralling - I can't actually envisage a time when I'll be bored of it - and I've been playing it solidly for 7 months. The only reason I can imagine there's a sequel already is to cash in on the name. I'll probably do what I did with Modern Warfare - wait for a year and get it preowned. (Unless Father Christmas is switched on this year, of course.)
  11. That's an idea actually - have you been offered a trade in price for it? If so, how much?
  12. I went into GAME the other day to pre-order my copy. The idiot behind the counter told me I couldn't pre-order as it was under a week 'til release. So I asked why all the posters of MW2 in the window with 'Pre Order Inside Now' were still up. He just shrugged and told me to come back at midnight on the 10th where I might be able to find a copy.
  13. Aye am up for it, add my psn, lgnd-bev
  14. Looks like its Double XP on COD4 right now. Im getting 20 points for a kill and on HQ 40 for capturing it. Just made 900 points on Shipment with 89 kills.
  15. I sold COD4 to CEX the other day after it became scratched and wouldn't work. They checked it behind the desk with a quick glance and were happy with it. Got £15 for it. Missing it seriously now though.