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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Good CO, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

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  2. Looks good so far (HTC Desire)
  3. Will be trying it once I get my HTC Nexus back from the repairers :(
  4. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Fellow HTC users, I salute you. Bad CO and I both have (and indeed are) Heroes. Great things unless you want to call someone!
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Is there no place left on earth that we can escape Arrse? Are we doomed to instant access to the wisdom of 5 Alpha, MDN and Co forever?

    Oh, woe is me!!!!!!!:bigsmurf:
  6. Is there no way to mark threads as read or as favourites? Can't see it through the iPhone version anyway.
  7. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I don't know and have only tried it briefly. There will though inevitably be a lack of functionality compared with the actual site as there is simply no way you can fit all the bells and whistles in to a small screen and leave enough room for the text. I suppose the answer is to give feedback to Tapatalk if we get a strong enough opinion that something important is missing / wrong.

    My initial impressions of the Tapatalk solution are all good. It is certainly better than any mobile theme I've seen for forum software and well worth the £1.80, certainly for someone who uses the site as much as me.
  8. Doesn't seem to work for the Nokia X6. Anyone found an alternative?
  9. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Have you tried the downloads directly from Tapatalk rather than the market/app store or whatever Nokia call theirs?
  10. Tried it on the iPhone and think it's pretty good.

    Well .... by good I mean that I could view all the pics from Meridian :lol:
  11. Seem to get reasonable results using HTC Magic and the free Opera Mini browser, with no extra app.
  12. Just tried it for iPhone 3G. Works a treat!
  13. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    'Reasonable' being the key word there. Try the app (there's a free read only version). I think you'll find it's a big improvement, certainly for quick browsing even if you want to switch to the main site for writing posts, searching etc.
  14. App is indeed cool!
  15. Looks good!

    TBH, the full site (old one and new) look fantastic on my phone but Tapatalk is good for fast browsing when not connected by WiFi, especially in poor mobile signal areas.

    If this post works well then I'm impressed. Don't know if I'll always use it over the full site yet but I'll definitely be keeping the app on my phone.

    Worth trying the free reader version for anyone mildly interested! ;)

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