Arrse Mini- UN

Now fuck me off for an idiot, but I just thought I'd float an idea. How 'bout an Arrse mini United Nations? Haven't thought through all the details, but I figure people could pick a country to represent on a first come-first serve basis, and then someone could write up a resolution, and different "countries" could argue their positions on it. It would be funny, for sure, but with the added benefit that we could perhaps learn a thing or two about our "country", and familiarise ourselves with that nations's politics, and positions on things economic, foreign, and internal affairs, and thereby, it's motivations. I'll go first. Guyana. Any thoughts, or takers?
This sounds awesome. I was going to offer to be the ambassador from Unfunny-cunt-istan but you seem to be performing quite well in that role.
Right, I'll represent the fourth Reich, Heil Merkel, we don't need a security council seat because we really like to stay at home and we reserve the right to keep eying Poland and France up!
Why not? I want to be the Independant English Providence of the Grand Isle of Wight, with an out and out ban on any one not English True Blood (6 Generations, at least)
But I'm happy to be annexed by the Goose stepping Sausage suckers on one condition. They let me have a Wiesel for doing the shopping


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Now in this United Nations of yours will it be the UK or the 4 separate countries?
UK, I would say. I tend to look dubiously on Wales being a country or Scotland having a voice. Similarly, I don't recognise Quebec.
Three guesses.
Promise me I won't get France...
Not a chance in hell of getting France as we have not planted trees across the channel, thank God.............
Promise me I won't get France...
You can choose whatever country you want, though I would suggest an African one, as you clearly cannot read.
I'll be Scotland just so I can type in an annoying faux jock accent, ye braw wee scruttock-heid* of a sassenach.

*I made that one up.
I believe that the Bahamas are a member so I'll have them ta.

If you decide to invade anywhere soon I pledge three thick lips with machettes.
Mugabe was my initial choice too, but I just can't deal with that treasonous uncle-tom Tsanvirai

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