Arrse Michael/Latoya Jackson Mystery

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A day late, Apr 3, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone ever seen Markintime,Tremaine or Moodybitch in the same place?

    Is SA80, Arron Mike and elpresador the same person?

    Have we been victims of a long windup?

    A Day late plus one
  2. Not only are you a day late, but you're a chromosome short as well.
  3. Tenner says you're the miffed cnut who fell out with MiT last night. They've all been around longer than you have you Nig and more friends than you I suspect, well more that would fit in a phone box.
  4. Keep up trigger you were crapping on about sociology yesterday
  5. jog on fuck knuckle
  6. Not playing, more important things to do, like go for a dump. I'll be thinking of you
  7. Yea that is probably enough to occupy an intellectual giant like yourself you doss walker.

    Can you drive a tractor as well as read and write?
  8. Can arrse get a fucking MOD employed on the underneath bit of the planet to muster up the fucking hoards of 5 post wonder wanker trolls that dick around here in the small hours

    Or have some sort of limit on number of threads started by an individual in a period of time.

    Arrse definitely goes to dogshit of a night-early morning
  9. Are you boris' daddy?
  10. No. FAIL. Have a saucer of cream and try again.
  11. Gimp
    I agree with you entirely about the quality of posts at this time of the morning and agree an Australian/NZ moderator is a good idea.


    The point of these posts is to illustrate my disgust with regard to the recent antics of Markintime and Moodybitch with respect to a young girl with numerous problems who came on this site for assistance concerning army disciplinary procedures and was hounded off by allegations that her other half was a rock spider.

    Not only were their comments uncalled for, without foundation and unkind but were inappropriate given that the matter was sub judice.

    I attach a link below:

    I have nothing but good wishes to both you gentlemen and appologise if you found my posts irritating however I was trying to make, in my view, a valid point.
  12. A Day late = Crio/Darren?
  13. It wont be Crio. She had the spunk to fight her own corner, she certainly wouldn't have formed a sock puppet to hide behind and pissed off the general population of ARRSE with inane dribble for two days before making her point.
  14. Now go away and talk some more crap about booties bashing the Det in NI, give us your profound philisophical insights into the islamic faith, bomb all Muslims wasn't it, admit paternity for Boris.

    'The honesty and bravery of our fighting forces stands in stark contrast to the weasel words and dishonesty of their political masters' doesn't include picking on little girls!
  15. Perhaps I should just hide behind a sock puppet eh Darren?