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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by putteesinmyhands, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. ARRSE socks.

    At £11.99, they're not exactly cheap. But are they comfortable? Suitable for what type of footwear?

    Are they thin enough to be used as a liner sock in boots? Thick enough to be a winter sock for sturdy walking shoes? Or just a gimmick?

    Who has got a pair and can give a practical assessment?

    ARRSE thong.

    Just pervy questions, really.

    Who has got these? (Flashy and MDN - Fcuk off! I won't believe your answers anyway. I'm not totally sure if I'd believe Sluggy - or even Poppy, for that matter)

    And what's the point? Knickers are supposed to cover your bum.

    Does anybody find that thongs are better worn the other way round?
  2. I got one for the missus as a joke. She said it isn't comfortable for everyday wear but great for...well you know! :wink:
  3. so much for the sock but what about the thong ?

  4. Your missus lets you have a w*nk sock, thats great, how did you persuade her?
  5. 'Cos she is rubbish with her weak arms and girly hands!
    (I'm in trouble now!)

    On a serious note, Arrse gear is good but be carefull where you wear it. My unit had a bit of a negative opinion of Arrse when someone badmouthed our CO on here so I try to avoid wearing Arrse stuff around. No thongs in my unit!
  6. I don't doubt its quality, but I'd like to know what sort of socks they are. Thin, thick, cool, warm? Unlike a pullover, socks have a specific space to fit into. If they're thin, they may be OK for an office worker to wear with shoes, but too thin for somebody who's on his feet all day. I'd guess that they're too thin to wear with boots, but may be thin enough to wear as a liner sock.

    As for being careful where you wear it, I must admit that my initial thought was to wear them on my feet. On reflection, if they're stretchy enough, I suppose I could pull them over my head to assist with robbing post offices, though the distinctive pattern may narrow down the Police's search for me.

    And yes, you must always remember that anonimity is a double-edged sword. But I don't need to worry 'cos my CO's a fantastic bloke, hard-working, efficient, deserves promotion, absolute lady's man, charming, witty.......
  7. So you've got one of those as well, I thought our Unit was unique.
  8. But ours is better than yours! :)
  9. I've got a pair, had them for a few years. They're thin socks, definitely ok in an office, and probably as liner's. I've not worn them for anything serious though, more a novelty thing.