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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by threesend, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Are there any plans to bring back the ARRSE merchandise, as i remember there being ties,t-shirts mugs etc that you could buy..

    i only ask as i cant find my ARRSE t-shirt!..some robbing pikey has probably had it away from the drying room!

    if this is posted in the wrong forum, MODS please move.
  2. I do hope so as a pair of ARRSE socks was a good combat indicator to not converse or have a pint with someone.
  3. Or a t-shirt stretched over a fat civvy gut - nice look!

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  4. Arrse Dog collars would be nice. For dogs not vicars.....although...?
  5. ARRSE Ties & Watch Straps

    This looks like your lot, Buster. ThisTribe are obviously slacking.
  6. yeah saw all that....was after some tshirts.
  7. I can remember seeing some photos in the Gallery from an ARRSE crawl a few years back. The guests had been splendidly attired in crawl polo shirts, which when stretched over their rotund frames left them looking like spray painted bovines.

    I was cringing with embarrassment for them until I realised that 99% of the lardy knackers were civilian females.
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  8. I was one of them.

    Oh hang on.......