ARRSE mentioned on bbc news

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by daniel, Oct 22, 2007.

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    I was also watching the B.B.C News this evening ,It nice to know at least people like Prince Charles etc cares about our soldiers.

    Also the BBC News highlighted the lack of support to our troops from the general public and showed extracts from this ARRSE site
  2. Do you have a link? :wink:
  3. Extracts from this site? who gets crated then?
  4. I can't remember which posts were shown, but the BBC were very good about only quoting the nice ones. could have been nasty if they'd wanted to stab PoW in the back...
  5. I missed the news of this but understand that Prince Charles presented medals to the troops, this relates to a question I have asked previously, in this case would the medals be named to the recipient? or would they be named later?
  6. They come engraved from the medal office.
  7. Its how i became aware of this quality site last night watching the news. If I can find my army number will see if it works on army net also.
  8. Medals are usually presented. Why wouldn't they be engraved?
  9. You always here tales in the papers of troops winging about not being recognised. I always think what do they want a god damn medal or something I guess so.
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I think that Barce is implying that he would be impressed if the MoD managed to be efficient and knock out named medals is less than the usual time!
  11. Ah. Obviously they manage when someone who matters is involved! The rest of us will just have to keep waiting... And waiting... And waiting......
  12. Medals actually presented rarely are the actual ones the recipient ends up with. They're either collected and redistributed to the named individuals following the parade or go back in to stores pending the forwarding of the actual medals from the medal office. Ensuring named medals went to the correct individuals on parade would be an enormous faff.
  13. Indeed, my first medal was given on a parade where they gave out the right medal to the right person. Its a good job it was a minor unit as it took a week of arrsing about just for that.
  14. Its all very well mentioning arrse in a good light, but sooner or later some lizard journo with a chip is going to come across something on arrse which they will use to support their own political agenda. Despite some media sources showing forces 100% support at all times, there's a few...
    Can't help but notice the Beeb or the Guardians glee when reporting British 'Gunmen' have fired upon civilians, beaten up detainees, bombed civilian sites etc. etc. or despite the case being thrown out of court, falling hook line and sinker for the iraqis story that troops had attacked innocent civilians. Journos will get all sympathetic for soldiers but its only a stick to beat the gov with, most aren't just against UK's foriegn policy, but the armed forces in general.
    A nice off the cuff remark on arrse about certain unapealing aspects of certain peoples behaviour, a regular rant about the state of the UK would really suit a journo looking to paint Her Maj's as a thugs, pawns of the neo cons, hooligans, blah blah.