Arrse Members v Visitors on Arrse!!!

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Gundulph, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Tonight - 71 ARRSE Members currently online...

    300 (YES THREE HUNDRED!!!!!!!) Visitors on ARRSE this must be a new ARRSE Visitor record?!
  2. 299 journos....1 looking for ass porn
  3. 310 v 76 !

    Must be homo's cruising for ARRSE :cry:
  4. Your point? I don't care who comes on here if it helps the honest face of us that serve. ARRSE members perhaps might tend to know each other anyway so until a posters providence is proven........

    Told my 7 yr old son today that I was off for the 3rd tour of Iraq;what really gets to me is the number of people I perceive have posted comment without having done an honest day in uniform.
  5. . . . . . we give them the benefit of the doubt(?)

    God-speed in Iraq - and come home safe.
  6. I get the impression that of the 25000+ members it is only a relatively small percentage that have done any time in uniform.

    I might be wrong, does anyone have a better idea?
  7. How many % non forces as opposed to forces & ex forces are on here ?

    membership is 25,000 + Take out the non posters, the banned and the civvies how many left ?
  8. I was one of those visitors, just reading all the threads that interested me, as usual only bothering to sign in when I felt the need, I wonder how many others are members who just haven't signed in?
  9. probably about 100 regular posters. (maybe more, dunno)
    The vast majority I would say are ex or serving in one way or another.
  10. Every one might look but not sign on. Unless they have somothing to say or add. Mine's usually dribble anyway! So I usually look before engaging something! and that's a foot or is it both. Hey life goes on.

    edited for being a good upstanding person

    still get it wrong sometimes!
  11. Thing is, they must be warned about the NAAFI Bar!!!!!!!!
  12. I know some of the more prolific posters, they in turn can give povinence to perhaps another 2-3 each.
  13. I was a lurker from the early days, before i finally decided to register in 2005, so there are probably plenty of lurkers out there that are also serving military.\

  14. virtually a lurker myself... there's always a degree of 'been there, done that' on every forum.

    As an ex-soldier, I mostly watch and listen...T3 was my last hurrah

  15. I lurked for a realy long time before i signed up and posted, i think it doesnt take long too figure out the PONTI's and walts too be honest.

    The ones that get me are the newly registered o2 thiefs and there a bone inspired or inflamartory bite posts, and becuse of what has happened the last few weeks they seem too be falling over themself too tell of the Military genuis!! Trouble is someone nearly always does and i have been guilty my self of going into targets up mode.