Arrse medals

Just joined and donated a couple of quid and now find myself in possesion of a rack of medals, but only have a few posts to my name.

How exactly does the medal system work (i.e. how many posts per medal, etc)?

regards, cohnee
I believe if you donate anything you get a full rack of five medals plus the MiA (Mention in Arrse). If you donate £25 you get the GCM (General Cash Medal - the nice gold one) and £100 you get the ADC (Arsse Donation Cross).

If you don't donate you get your first medal for 10 posts, your second for 50 posts and your third for 100 posts - not too sure after that.
I'm sure you are aware that Chandler's fund was actually nothing to do with the site although we were pleased to be able to support the fund raising effort by providing publicity.

Site fund raising has managed to raise the following sums though:

1. £500 for Nigel Hounslo - 'the war vet who beat up a hoodie'

2. £1000 for the Royal British Legion though a charity auction last Remembrance Day.

3. Approx £400 for Mr Barry, the Normandy Vet who was attacked.

4. A significant amount for the Glider Pilot Regiment fund through the efforts of MDN and others.