Arrse Medals

As a sort of e-thankyou we give the ARRSE additional medals:

Anything above a pound gets you the MIA (Mention in ARRSE):

Give us £25 in a year and you get the GCM (General Cash Medal):

Give us £100 and you are entitled to the stylish ADC (ARRSE Donation Cross):
I haven't the geeky internet skill to make the images of the medals available to our brave arrse contributors appear here within my quote, but you should all recognise this from the donations link on the site frontpage.

My question is this: When you donate £25 in a year you qualify for the GCM. Fair enough. Then when you donate £100 you are awarded with the ADC. Nice one! But the shocking thing is, you seem to lose the right to wear the GCM!

Can the Arrse Medal Awards authority clarify this for me??!!
Must be an officer thing! The more money you have the more chance of getting a medal based on poor peoples efforts! Then you lose the things that really matter, like your stones!
I have both the Bosnia and Kosovo NATO medals, therefore i am not entitled to wear the new pan-Balkans medal if i end up back out there. Fair enough. But the ADC is quite clearly an award for outstanding contribution, not a theatre-based medal (we all are operational in Arrse!).

If I were to be awarded a real-life MC, I am damn sure I would still wear it if I were awarded a GC or VC!!!

So if i should make the ultimate sacrifice and give up £100 of my ill-gotten wages, after an initial £25 to earn my GCM, I would demand my right to wear my GCM as well as the ADC! Purely for the time spent in separate conflicts (with my bank account!!)
Thanks Flash.

I look forward to the outcome of the boards deliberations!!

Those entitled should wear with pride! (Unless you served on Telic, then you can just wait.......................................)
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