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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Sep 3, 2004.

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  1. From Training News magazine, May 2004 (a must-read for all, um, training people):


    Command Leadership and Management (CLM) is a new course introduced in January for all non-commissioned officers (NCOs). "The Army is known for its leadership in the field, but we were finding that this wasn't transferring back to the barracks," adds Colonel Chris Caswell, chief of staff of the Educational and Training Services (ETS) Branch of the Adjutant General's Corps.

    The course took three years to develop and was built from scratch with the best management and leadership thinking available. It is designed to give soldiers a toolkit of practices and procedures as they progress through the ranks from Lance Corporal to Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1), the highest rank a soldier can reach. Content is mapped onto national standards including BTEC and NVQ and runs from GCSE right up to postgraduate level.

    The course is delivered through a combination of education and training to prepare a soldier for promotion to the next rank. The Army aims to put 7,500 soldiers through modules of the course each year. Although it's still early days as far as feedback is concerned, the Army 'rumour service' website has featured positive discussion about CLM at soldier level.

    In effect, it is HR management training for the soldier, says Caswell, stressing that it is fairly 'ground-breaking stuff' for the Army.

    "We're very excited about it," he says. "Modules in the course include change management and 360-degree appraisals - a radical concept for such a hierarchical organisation."
  2. As is usually asked about new training, policy and procedure......... What about the TA will we have the same?????

    If so will the blokes (sorry vv Un PC) get paid for it while they study ets????

    Anyone have any feed back on the course???
  3. I can just hear L/Cpl Snograss, in the spirit of 360 degree appraisals, telling his OC that, frankly, his estaimate is cack and his plan a pile of rat pooh.


    And as for WO1 being as high as a soldier can go..... LE?

  4. Or Conductors?????????
  5. It is as high as a soldier can go. After that he becomes an Officer! :D :D

    Conductors are still WO1s.

  6. Look its Friday afternoon lets stop splitting HAIRS!!!!!!
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The cadet forces are already on the ball with this with various BTEC and Master's degree courses in the pipeline for adults as an additional incentive.