Arrse Maidens would you??

Just read about the latest ' scandale ' in the USA Biznizz sector..
Seems the big CFO honcho at Time Warner [ base salary $ 3.7 mil a year ] has been ' outed ' for being the [ alleged ] Sugar Daddy for a hot latino babe charged with being a high priced [ aren't they all?] call girl, etc. etc.. He put out for a high rise condo that she ' flipped' for half a million among other things..

so, question today for the Arrsemaidens who flock on this site to fawn at the feet of stalwart handsome men in uniform..would you give it up to slobber over a fat, balding old rich guy simply because he could pay your way through life until he croaks or his wife takes him to the cleaners? or are you only in it ' for love '? or is this a ' wah '? question and, of course you'd put out ofr a fistfull of diamonds and a platinum visa card..

and, guys.. would you pay to keep a hot babe around for sex when you want it? [oh, wait.. really dumb question, that.. sorry ]..
CheekieNorthernMonkie said:
Nope, wouldnt pay, but am quite happy to be a kept man by a hot latino babe!
I hope you mean LATINA unless you're into reachrounds.....
Rocketeer said:
question and, of course you'd put out ofr a fistfull of diamonds and a platinum visa card..
Only if it was well lubed. A princess cut diamond could cause no end of issues ;-)
putteesinmyhands said:
Are tepid babes slightly cheaper?
my ex is as cold as ice, you can have her for nothing.
why you asking the birds I am sure I could get my arse numbed ad take it up the hoop for the right price lol

no tossing salad though
marry money, the lover gets old and wrinkled but the money stays young and beautiful.
Not for me thanks !
Why tie yourself to a guy when you can make your own money? Men are only good for one thing and it ain't their wallets!
lololololol!!!! you know my ex still does that for me... wellllll he was the one that wanted the fecking garden in the 1st place :D

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