ARRSE Maidens guide to botty sex.

Have you had **** sex?

  • Never

    Votes: 5 17.9%
  • Once and never, ever again

    Votes: 7 25.0%
  • Occasionally but don't really like it

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Occasionally and enjoy it

    Votes: 8 28.6%
  • Quite often and prefer it to the front bottom option

    Votes: 6 21.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Following on from the recent poll regarding 'did they like it up'em?' I thought this poll MAY provide a more accurate reflection of a woman's view to back door action. I've set it up to keep the posters response private and request that only ARRSE maidens and Jarrod vote! Here's hoping. :)
Does three times count as "occasionally"?
Should 'very rarely' have been another option then? Will try and amend if possible.


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Just to reiterate, this is a poll for the ladies to vote on. ;-)
Yeah, I think we can discount the results already.

For the record, I haven't voted!


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Alledgedly a google of triple penetration anal gives you 7 million possible sites including xhamster, rudetube, tube8, pornhub all on the first page.

The friend who told me was only looking for research reasons sparked by this thread.
I was alluding to the PM I rec'd from the bloke who voted not realising it was a poll of 'takers' rather then 'givers'! :)


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Just wondering if that's feasible? I've seen 2 up, and I know some bums could easily accommodate 3, but could you physically get 3 blokes in position to do it?
Of course it is, i've been fucked by a whole CoC.

Yes I know what I did there.
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