Between us do you reckon we could get this flying again?

If not flying, looking good enough to have it low loaded to an airshow and we'll take it in turns getting sucked off by thick trouts who don't know better :D

It could be run like a Great Escape type mission, employing scroungers, blackmailers and forgers etc...

We've got enough cowboys and backsliders to form a mini squadron and all its heirarchy and enough arm chair generals to point fingers and sticks to tell us how it should be done.
My first job as a Tp Comd was getting back all the stuff I had nicked as a Dvr in a different Tp. If you tell us where all the "donor" bits went MDN we might stand half a chance.

On a serious note (imagine that from me :D) are you looking for donations of time, expertise, cash or all 3? More than happy to assist in fund-raising if the advice is that this is do-able.

and if this works I've got a couple of FFRs at RHQ that only seem to work for PRE.........


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Nice to see it has a pi ss pot underneath, just like all the broken down aviators on this site :lol:

Still, once it is done up you can put a Taxi for Hire sign above the drivers seat. Make you feel at home in your comfort zone.

Auld Yins Service rifle, never fired. :D

I'd post a flying machine from your era but only the Mongolfier's and Icarus had taken to the skies.

Abacus, I really don't think its doable, the army struggle keepign thier few flying never mind a few internet puddings attempting, as tempting as it is to try and get a site torque monster airworthy, or as airworthy as it needs to be to talk Flash into driving it into the side of No10
I thought they were skis for all the adventure training that you Remf get to do. I will play if I can be the door gunner (front or back door not bothered) I can grow a tache and can hum Ride of the Valkyries really loud.
Greengrass said:
I will play if I can be the door gunner (front or back door not bothered)
You'd pull a better looking bird than Dale if you did.

You'd also have some cooler stories to tell instead of the times you licked the track pads on an AS90 or impaled yourself on the Tillers.
Don’t worry mate dome of the fanny hanging off me will be sent you way that’s what a good bloke I am. As for AS90 story I am an Air Defenders and so am blessed with looks wit as well as sophistication and would make a vital contribution to any team. I could even help you with you funday times crossword during brew breaks
I know where this is... not so far from EGUW's eastern gate (if you get well enough lost).

The bloke has numerous harrier, JP and other crap littering an otherwise rather gothic looking stately pile.

So the questions are: - why on earth is he stashing this stuff, is he a walt or is he hoping to sell it back? And what were you doing there?

I don't know whether we can get it flying again, but it looks like a splendid Xmas tree - can we have the following off it please:

1 x IGB
1 x Bonk
Both windscreens
1 x 6 man seat
1 x No2 VG
1 x lower strobe
LordVonHarley said:
Does this mean ARRSE is starting its own Security Company?
I hear Mark Thatcher is easly parted with his money when helicopters are being aquired...

He only provides them for medi vacs or so he claims. I am not fannying around in any air ambulance.
I will quite happily volunteer to do any dismantling required.

Word of waning: I have a tendancy to have bits left over when putting things back together again!!! :D

what is it ??

it looks like some form of gayness, semi dismantled, is it your Christmas present MDN ?

you told me you were getting "something big to ride" off the missus... you didnt tell me it was "meccano for homosexuals"

all that thing needs on it is about 4 sticks of PE4

can i blow it to pieces please ?? :D

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